Towards strategy, production, generating our own background of/by our own micro-macro cosmos of life and matter law, i.e., an open energy/technological system of… Perpetuum mobile. 3.b.

Where am I heading with the always open but crosswords-like draws/inspirations for no passive creation of nature?

To introduce our own contribution to the creation, every step we want, whether we wish to or not, we do it by each of our behavior, action, thoughts. It is more about increasing awareness, efficiency, depth, precision, mass impact on the environment, and ourselves, as is done by all other systems of more or less known to us life, structures, processes of existence, and transformation.
This is no longer about learning, but more and more about initiating the construction of own processes and structures. Production of own models, tools for transforming entire dimension/platforms/levels of micro-macro of space one by one by every faster speed. No longer justification, scholastic systems of stars/elementary particles constellations, and (their)genetic systems, but by creating, contributing own responsible (gene(t)ric)participation. Because only dependence on one’s own involvement and contribution depends on empowerment, establishing new models and rights[not laws” anymore]/structures / processes deserved, developed and (only)so finally established…not so established by- passive research- “laws” and models/ratios.

Such a tool that would be closer to this process of streamlining creation is … 4d printers – currently, they are simply entire economic, cooperative, exploitation, production systems connected by telecommunications, transport, and energy systems.
And the simple task of the systems is qualitatively and quantitatively domination over the structures of the processes of the current environment … simply known 3-d structures, natural and artificial processes so far … it is about overweighting in the expected data, plans, developed directions, levels.

This element of the initiative, as if not material thought, love, faith, is simply a real 4d medium to the 3d system. It is taking over responsibility for all systems, systems, constructions, processes of the world, that we know so far, the world of 3d..but here, in this case, transformed according to this medium 4d … but today still without proper or robust responsibility, i.e., without coverage or not supported by a robust system of activity, transformation, by passive expectation, abandonment, and lack of contribution of tooling, service, so that anything/any actions have no effective chance for any realizations … only aspirations supported by compelling tools for/of production, hyper construction, hyper evolutionary, selective economics allow improving a given system, state of affairs.
Faith-4d backed by 4d/3d actions/medium.. a powerful technological production economically developed base for real support of those activities … which without this love …of god/=means real responsibility would not have the right meaning, the ability to influence the direction of development … non-passive participation for fulfilling the miracle of creation, neo/re/creation.

…- production/=transferring competences of autonomous/mutating systems/=tools … mutant reactions, i.e., self-defending/attacking systems
organism .. autonomous … microchips self-supporting teams supporting defense production robots…

Non-passive faith, supported by actions, it supports technology and science, is a continuation and realization of the active faith, … reaching deeper and further areas of neolithic interventionism … it is no longer justifying the making of “laws”, but fighting, working out the environment, the background of/for one’s own rights
Technologie/mega-production/new tools/self-boosting deepen the real profitability of faith=and=science.

The growth of the technology/industrial park as a neo park/background/environment gives a more excellent foundation of faith/science. As it was in the history of man’s technology thoughts and further faith based on science. And such a mutually propelling mechanism that seems unnoticed, unused on the part like this park, for the technology park and the belief in technological production capacity. Because the production itself also gives/breeds the background, the ground for the basis for technology development/nature “laws” transformations…and further faith for further existence and development.

Many also privately define their or general attitude to life, to nature, as burdened with the inviolability of existing relations of nature. That, however, completely contradicts – even theoretically – the passive theory of the dynamics of space-time singularities.

I just try to put it into practice … but it occurs, which depends on the initiative, new tools/systems, discovered or artificial … for creating new own
quasi-space time systems of 4 dimensions … own new produced reality …

Lack of active, a non-passive attitude, vanity (economic) is a contribution to a specific approach to the so-called an inviolability of systems, relationships, models, laws,… a medieval mind, a pre-neolithic inviolable glass horizon of natures ..”laws” mind…They are evil thoughts of/for the self-destructive, destructive environment, as a foundation for the causes of hopelessness, lack of faith (followed by lack of effective strategy/action) in better, as illogical pointless actions supported by subcutaneous strategic vanity …. economically/anty hyper evolutional.

To be continued to the theory and practice/application of the non-passive dynamics of the transformation of space-time singularities … to the strategy of the explosion of creation/development… not passive futurism, where our thoughts have quite contemporary and futuristic transition …more and more about mechanisms strategy/technology for neo structures/processes and neo features of nature levels and laws.

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