Towards the definition and mechanism of a tool as an absolute paradigm of developing directions and features of all phenomena of matter and life. 3.c.

Towards the definition and mechanism of the hyper evolution / selective economics tool as an absolute paradigm of developing directions and features of structurization and processing of all phenomena of matter and life.
Further attempts to figure out – step by step back and forward and so variable and repeatable the imperative – analyzing the topic of opportunities for a non-passive perspective, systematics, and practice of influence, shaping our future literally and the past … establishing our own sources of re/neo/generation of all processes and structures of life and micro matter macro of the cosmos … i.e., defining the absolute paradigm of setting the tool, the active mechanism of influencing, shaping, creation, neo creation, re/creation of our life and other systems … as a new direction in the development of education and science, economics … religion, a conception of a total very massive influence, responsiveness, and rights on all-natural phenomena – other systems – “from outside our causative jurisdiction” and already artificial as well.
Without further developed technology/mechanism (acceleration/increasing) of changes in the process of the hyper neolithic revolution, i.e., at more in-depth, massive, faster levels of exploitation, operation, reconstruction, construction … of a new environment generating new values, physical and biological properties, we cannot go further with responsible talks about economics, religion, faith, creative science, and thus entirely legitimate in defining, working out no longer external … formerly somewhat shamanic laws … passively trying to justify some established / (some shamanic) foreign laws of existence and development … Therefore, the next step in developing strategies for science, economics … is to figure out practical, technological, production foundations for further scientific, economic, and futuristic divagations.
I mention open technological, operational, neo-constructional, operational (material/energy) perpeetum mobile, i.e., neo-construction, neo-creation, hyper evolution, technical perpetuum mobile, i.e., a system where the contribution of automatic and other assemblies, industrial and scientific complexes will be smaller than achieved. For this reason, the expected changes … such the perpetuum mobile has existed since the dawn of humanity. And their tools of ingenuity, allowing for this process as part of the Neolithic revolution. It is about acceleration, compatibility, auto-automation of this process, i.e., simple a better tool. The machine is the transmission of specific designs/processes/energy competences to change the environment. This is about the instrumentalization of the massiveness of the processes of the strategies for the total rebuilding of the environment with the most effective and no adverse effects … although sometimes they will be competitive, maybe harmful. Still, always from an eco(nomic) point of view nominal cooperation, benefits, it is about a kind of beneficial exchange/cooperation, as it used to be with the environment so far. In essence, this is really about the strategy of the total rebuilding of the environment, the production of entire sections of industrial autonomy parks/tools of/for hyper evolution, which will become a generic background and the basis for a more effective contribution in our basics of existence and development.
zero ones of the smallest functions
– possible in a given direction – “print4 / 3d” robotic teams system to change anything as if producing their own “gravitational” singularity hyper elements/that means any for any change, introducing any changes
…The first attempts to micro(nano)/massiveness these processes are already in arranging patterns from individual atoms
So these hyper micro teams system has more and more precisely and massively and quickly translated into their own modifications of themselves and their own environment … Such a 3/4D printer/machine that takes any material inside and outside to process the reconstruction. Above all, the construction, neo/construction, creation, neo/creation of the environment, production of own singularity of process phenomena affecting any processes (more-practicing, improving) of faster and faster-intended neo transformation/construction according to drawing, described, outlined models, patterns.
Abandonment, a specific establishment of some … centric laws, i.e., contempt, insults, ambivalence for dynamic interactive on our part in relations, arrangements, relations with systems of nature in us and outside causes that our responsibility and rights are at the pre neolithic level, i.e., practically zero in a given area, level, deck, space of exploration, exploitation, existence at the scientific, economic, perceptual, mind level.
These specific economic, social, scientific vanity for nature, mind vanity curves/blinds the field of vision and action.
Partnership, not treating other systems in advance as absolute or slave by nature – dignity for nature and their laws and rights by scientists such as Einstein … as well as the dignity … of our full responsibility – on is equal to the actual participation in establishing and creating the environment of this infinite conglomerate of natural systems, and thus deserving the singularity developed in this way, resonance for new features and properties essential and vital for our status quo existence and development.
To deserve rights but no anymore and ever by egocentric/apartheid of science laws.
To be deserved by own artificial singularity construction means own laws rights, but not laws statement… That changes the meaning of scholastic/scientific attitude to the efficiency of the capability of carrying out our hype neolithic revolution, hyper/evolutionary activity, production, re/production neo/production, creation, neo creation of platform backgrounds grounds of life and matter, continuously.
Not statement but …production(neolithic activities on hyper/evolutionary background transformation)…for/of generating our background of/for “laws”/but rights for our real capability for further development but not digging in dogmas=laws …axioms that …once block further… neo/creation.. artificial(own contribution) hyper evolution. The production by the selective economics of the hyper evolution means not passive participation in constructing new features of life and matter.
The technological perpetuum mobile is a platform for not exploitation but first at all reconstruction resources independently of… resources but energy resources for reconstruction/direct transformations any mater/mass and mass/energy and vice-versa! On achieved wished levels in ever deeper of micro /macro directions dimension and levels.
We will always be powerless when we believe in our passive/neutral position in systems of nature. We as a system or one of the elements of numerous systems of this nature, including the economic potential, technological instrumentation can develop a new strength, our vector of participation, whose size will depend on the tools we will apply, work out.
To be continued to shape any feature of matter and life.

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