The level of the process of meeting further, more profound, broader structural and process goals requires and is directly proportional to the increasingly massive and precise input into this process. Virus contra virus. 3.d.


The level of the process of meeting further, more profound, broader structural and process goals requires and is directly proportional to the increasingly massive and precise input into this process. Virus contra virus. 3.d.

Taking responsibility for a co-management of processes of life and matter breaks, obstacles, barriers, and … all established / existing law/dogmas, raises our rights- levels of constructive fundaments of neo/creations… breaking further barriers, cages of. ..laws … hyper evolutionary potentials … that means being more and more mature by the matter of … matter and life features.

Is proposing new approaches to the environment an attack on science? Rather not it. It is instead the opposite. It is a release from dogmas of rapid encrustation in the perceptual, tool-making current achievements of the current neolithic level of exploitation, existence, (hyper-means not passive and surpassing the contemporary natural) evolution. It is rather the opening of new horizons of methodology. It literally develops a new ground, backgrounds for the further development of, among others, science, further existence, further life, i.e., productions, neo (mega/hyper) production, creations, neo creations. This science, economy – greater responsibility, gives a fuller chance of flexibility, efficiency, and real non-vanity growth, selective growth, hyper evolutionary, hyper economic, economics, constructive, selective rather than shamanic, neolithically retreated in development economic&science.

The whole nature of the cosmos is a system of energy/construction levers. That simply needs to be adjusted with the help of successively and massively developed tools, constructions, production as precisely and massively as possible. So that in this race, a competition of systems of systems built from these levers by our increasingly impact in the phenomena shall take over in interesting us directions and preferences of processing, structuring of all phenomena, even those that seem to be hitherto impossible to achieve it at all.

A zero single lever mechanism. A lever sets of all construction, barriers, bridges (including telecommunication bridges) of nature/space processes, …every thought as an initiator of further lever systems, gears/= production/economics tools that can be logically controlled, operated for fulfilling every wish, work out to create/expand/change laws, not “laws” to expect/establish, but establish our own rights of/by further not passive development strategy/mind… for any colors, any: traits, raw materials, values, systems …

That is, building hyper evolutionary, mega-production parks, parks of leverage to achieve values ​​and features of interest to us in the struggle with cosmic hyper/evolutionary competition of mutually criss-cross stuck biological, physical systems on a macro and microcosmic scale. And this is the only law or somewhat right/constitution/constitutional amendment that is the absolute paradigm of all laws/rules/statutes of changing dependencies.

The massiveness and precision of tooling the structure are the necessary legal requirements for development and existence … selective economics, hyper evolution, and mega-production of any position, sustainability, and development of interested us features of/for life/matter/energy.

This method is active, not passive in the methodology of interaction with natural processes..other systems – today from beyond our scientific and economical range at a given hyper neolithic level, i.e., co-workshop, process control, natural structures, existing, needed to … combat, reconstruction, reprocessing that is … matching live with biological structures, physical matter…-chasing this is … alive to organic structures, physical matter.
That is, dealing with somewhat competitive systems (e.g., viruses – expected millions of victims of the coronary virus, very economic res{v}erves …) with our system (civilization / existential / (hyper) evolutionary).
So our behaviors resemble … they are /have to reminiscent of virus behaviors … And we, like viruses, should behave adequately but continue in an armed race (mega-production of tools for ever more efficient production of ever more useful tools production of newer generations of devices of…hyper neolithic revolution, etc.) with/against others to transform larger and smaller structures while always producing leverage materials/energetic structures that are more capable, lower, more accurate, more massiveness/numerous to modify properties, and mass leverage transformations, symbiosis of/{above/on} entire systems – but this time more of them than on our part …
Production mass production of a background, a kind of artificial environment, an industrial park for the implementation of components of semi-prefabricated materials … tools for/of according to this principle zero one leverage hyper evolutionary, mega-production processing, reprocessing, structuring, restructuring, neo processing, neo structuring of …active( not sufficient “passive” for the level of passive shamanic, vanity science, and economy) environment or actively responding with all processes relevant to our lives literally and figurately.

Coordinated single logistic, mechanical work using any tools causing differences changes in the background of/for the neo/creation that interests us. The production of these tools for generating differential processes, structures in the historical, evolutionary, cosmic, hyper evolutionary, mega-manufacturing process is this element of the zero-lever system of leverage transformation, creation, neo-creation, hyper evolution, selective economics of life/matter/energy.

This hyper pre neolithic weakness in the hyper evolutionary race can be overcome simply by the activity of thought/action or leverage … today’s stone ax, lever, technological … And in this way, it will be possible to overcome by further decks, stages, levels of neolithic activity potential against threats just to overwhelm them by this tool production process, tool park, hyper mega-production.

And this is (earned/deserved …after hyper evolutionary/neolithic neo creative work..)right of the mechanic, but not state law, of all physical, biological structures/processes.
The level of the process of meeting further and deeper broader structural and process goals requires and is directly proportional to the increasingly massive and precise input into this process.

To be continued with the fight/neo/constructions of the worlds/systems.

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