With a new stone(ax) on trees … atoms and stars- not necessarily destructive, but … sometimes one will have to break down the (hyper)evolutionary barriers of life and development continuation. 4.a.

We are still at the pre-neolithic level of perception and participation of a given level of the environment. We will always be at the pre-neolithic level and, at the same time, want the hyper neolithic revolutionary uprising going beyond the area of ​​dependence on the external evolutionary processes of the material/energy and biological micro/macro cosmos/environment.
Will we be mentally ready to use the new ax stone as an outgoing tool despite the existing levels of perception, participation, and thus the levels of science?

It is going to always develop road plan additionally. New ways of science/exploration for exploitation, neo/co-creation to go to higher stages of no passive participation, higher than current neutral level, lever system of/for making deserving work for our own rights no any more static by “achieved” of perceptions/participation misleading “laws.”

Taking strategy from the renewed definition of life – = system ability for mutual interaction into the hyper evolutionary race of/for obeying further/own structures/processes… features above..by … selective economic of matter (energy)/life
So… we are not alone … and we even have to cooperate with the other system of life … cooperation/co-/neo/creation is showing respect for self and the different system life and thus own life/system.

The catchy terminology of energetic and technological perpetual mobile is above all a breakthrough in methodology and technology, -or maybe not -as part of the neolithic method (revolution) of taking the initiative over the forces of nature in a system of a lever and directional domino … with this new stone ax on trees … atoms and stars- not necessarily destructive, but … sometimes one will have to break down the (hyper)evolutionary barriers of life and development continuation.

We are talking about the mechanism and at the same time strategy, the whole concept of scientific, development, economic, civilizational creation, i.e., taking the initiative and advantage as an active over pre neolithic pro factor indicating a given level of advantage according to some indicators, a basket of potential, e.g., Emc2, life expectancy over 100 … .0 years … always with a vector(s) technological add, changing {selective}economics, technologies of processes recognized today, and at some stage of the level of participation. This vector addition co-directing processivity, constructivity of any physical phenomena, biological micro-macro of the cosmos.

Working out this vector not necessarily directs system of leverage influence on these open mass/energy gear perpetuum mobile …
At a distance/depth (structures/processes), the energetic influence on reprocessing and further impact based on these reprocesses and so accelerating, in the distance, depth … in a geometric pace domino effect.

Simply mass production of our own environment, our own model of a generic background of our own system … nature in our own competitive system concerning other systems, and its (hyper)duplication and deeper re/neo/co-construction, re/neo/co-processing of this production in the purpose of ever more effectively, a more profound change of properties, genericities of selected directions of existence/development.

What is the meaning of the philosophy of this proposed hybrid/hyper evolutionary system? Not a static approach to natural relations – at a given time beyond the range of our modern stone ax.
It is not exploratory exploration, but more intense and extensive in-depth, depth-exploitative, transformational neo/creational thought and behavior/reflex/instinct not of evolutionary monkey but hyper evolutionary homo sapiences.

… so here it is more about more own, insolent contribution, in our own reconstruction than … an attempt to understand another …For example, on our own engines we outdid the sound without going deep into infinite nature/science of achievement of perception/participation of nature of science level of this sound, but directly pushing own economically/technologically performance/level of perception/participation directly to …outdo current achievement of scientific level/mind of the hyper pre neolithic level.

One should not try to adapt, follow a model of nature. Because it will never be 100 percent, even in 1 percent will not manage infinitely systems, micro-macro space dependencies, but simply define our own initiative directions for modeling according to technology, tests, errors, and not some absolute models (…always obsolete) … So more successful production, guided according to the co-determined variables, rather than some complete representations … in this direction the strategy of neo/co-creation science, not so imitating, but more creative work.

Of course, there will always be some prefabricated products from outside for our production system … materials on which we will base further neo/co-creation of a new space, the basis of the background of/for neo/co/generating of life and further features of all subsequent constructions, mega-production…hyper evolution/selective economics.

So a real step, a leap to the future is not a flight to the moon, Mars … But the re-expression of a post-pagan or indifferent relationship of “laws” in directions for full competition in constructing a generic “parallel” own/background…that change the moon, stars… from pre neolithic view til neolithic view/perception/transformation.

To be continued



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