The tool definition as a paradigm of hallmarking all structure processes. 5.c.

Continuation of open drafts of creation/(mega)production  – that means-  don’t need to be inviolable to other concepts of matter and life creation and …(co)responsibility.

If we can often negatively affect the systems of nature -including climate – and the systems, including virus systems, so affects us. We can also continue to be aware of these dependencies and also more consciously influence not only neutrally but even actively, also contributing positive(for us changes in nature, systems of nature … it’s about working out mechanisms, tools, strategies, just work, ideas, effort in the chosen directions and vectors of influencing these systems of nature … it’s about working on tools, devices, … it’s just about productions, in this case, mega productions, which has a hyper evolutionary impact on the shaping of directions, vectors, trends, process tendencies in interaction with other systems of nature … using the tool/neolithic theory/definition (timeless in reaching the next stages of levels of exploitation, non-passive interactions with/for the next achieved, acquired, systems, barriers of nature – active shaping of tool theory/practice, incl also shaping …- there is no metaphor here in the following examples – light-speed values/properties …… direct star wars (arms race) at the micro-cosmic level (in this case) … viral … .cosmic macro (climate-global and beyond)too.

What counts here in this process of hyper neolithic evolution is only purposefulness, responsibility, not “laws”/=barriers. Still, the elaborated, produced rights that were, are, and will be these paradigms of the miracle of creation, neo creation … from nowhere.
The from nowhere that is we. We are (jointly) responsible and full-fledged factors influencing any processes of change structure, properties, features.
Our active activities, influence, not establishing some “laws”.
Responsible science, and not some chance, is a science aiming at a tool-based active, non-passive approach to phenomena, features, and … “laws” of nature’s systems.
We, our thoughts, responsibility/=love for the environment covered by activity, not shamanism/praying without (fully responsible)action, are absolutely inherently inseparable factors of any natural features that we have, we are forced to and want to have something to do.
Only our very active initiative can effectively resonate with any biological and physical processes of nature.

Here, the tool definition becomes the absolute paradigm of all creation and creation.

It is a paradigm of hallmarking all structure processes.
The issue of drawing responsible conclusions, no longer scholastic, shamanic, religious, theoretical, but extending to practice non-passive participation in all creations, gravitational activities. That are no longer relativistically at a given level of procedure, but relativistically following our gravitational, resonating/=shaping events, affecting all further processes, structures … creation …. according to our developed production tools in the further process of forging into structures, processes of micro-macro systems of the cosmos of nature …of their values ​​and properties in the absolute trend of creation shaped by these our hyper evolutionary, hyper neolithic, selective economics tool/vectors already above … laws, barriers of modern science, economics … like an icebreaker crushing the chains of ice of existence and development, in this case, the only and our (really deserved{ing}/worked{ing} out)law/=right to absolute law … rights to the law of (neo)creation.

Creation rights from own produced, elaborated background, initiation environment, creation/shaping, development/working out of new levers, tools of hyper neolithic, hyper evolutionary, hyper economic (selective economics) mega-production park, i.e., for further more accessible production, initiation, neo creation, hyper evolving, actions exploitation, neo-construction, repair …A big bang explosion of/on its own biological and physical properties … that is, it is more comfortable to compete on its own foundations, platforms than on uncertain grounds … or “certain” on those specific already established “laws”/=barriers.
Hyper tool definition refutes all existing theories and scientific laws. Moving them to the level of a temporary, passive inhibitory, barrier, not creative, it does not mean that it is invalid, but not decisive about the direction of speed, massive development of existence/creation. Here, we and our evolved, manufactured tools become paradigms/vectors of any arrangements, preferences, creations, neo creation, evolution, hyper evolution, mega-production, economics, life, …,

Creating our own field, our own singularity … your own big bang increasing the potential of, among others, economic, technological, creative, neo-creative, hyper evolution, (selective) economics, among others to overcome climatic, health, cosmic … physical factors … among others for permanent production of the basis for automatic production(…automatic creation) of increasingly powerful temperature and plasma accelerators and so further generating evolution, material, and biological hyper evolution … own elementary particles, own new foundations of life and permanence of the system, its support, and development.

To be continued to “pandemic” mechanism awareness attitude to creation/action/contraction of systems.

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