Towards the non-passive dynamics of progressive patterns, models of life systems, and matter/energy… = a momentum of 4d/3d generic zip. 6.a.

Further open (we don’t have to agree – unless we don’t really have a scientific (i.e., shamanic/static attitude) approach to the matter) very drafty/heavy searching/sketches of the production, tool model in relations with systems of… living/dynamic micro-macro cosmos.

My suggestions, proposals have/give a different – a new/futuristic (but we are building the future today) – look, light on the climate, ecological, viral aspects=systems we deal with, to cooperate with, to fight. It will never be some euro(our civilization/science “law”)centric and other centric law-makers of tendencies, which anyway one will have to permanently determine relations of life, matter/energy systems, for which for more positive trends/neo creation/hyper evolution need to be sought all the time in defining scientific, economic and civilization strategies …

The entire modern global operational – production, scientific complex of teams and countries is a maxi hyper version of the evolutionary accelerator of an automatic – manual – economic – religious – scientific-technological 4d model printer, earlier (and later in the future) in my sketched sketches. It is about a multi production of such complex mega-production teams – hyper evolutionary on a hyperproduction, autonomous, automatic scale … like as it was in the trends, history of tool development … development of the neolithic revolution … in this case, a hyper neolithic range for total implementation, transforming all strategic relations, properties, values ​​more or less hitherto shaped by our civilization and … other systems … aspirations that have been wholly despised so far … not treated enough sufficiently and effectively.

It is about further hyper neolithic disintegration of the next evolutionary barriers of hyper evolutionary micro-macro cosmos systems appropriated by shaman scientists. Conquering barriers of systems/systems that… in the end, however, alive -with its constantly changing trends, tendencies … goals, aspirations! – through our work out tools of/by the own 4d system – from “nowhere” tools- on any existing 3d medium, as it was historically, hyper/evolutionary. It is our contribution to this tool production/neolithic evolution for rebuilding the system of barriers, bridges, etc. for us (for our system never closed, never independent of other systems) as current/prevent/initiatory important in terms of strategy and existence as possible.

Hyper neolithic/= hyper evolutionary gradual transformations, tools/devices for creating next more and better tools even more efficiently, and these next generations of tools/automatics repeating even more efficiently but also accelerating this process hyper neolithicaly, hyper evolutionary.

Tools/devices are lever energy – construction – process shifting using less or more energy/material. This is (has not to be)not a passive process of further hyperevolutionary mega-productive mediation = hyper evolutionary in redirecting processes, structures of relations that seem (by modern “strategists”) … almost impossible to move/change.

As it usually takes place in the processes/structures of creation, neo creation … we can simply turn on our process of leverage, tool domino of this hyper evolution on all encountered, emerging processes and structures of micro-macro space systems more or less to do with life processes.
The most efficient system for transforming the exploitation of mega-production of hyper evolution in the domino system should be included … in general, to more and more precise, more in-depth, mass control of these tools of production tools forever, further processing of processes and structures, deciding more and more deeply about processes/structures of life/matter/energy…= light/mass/gravity.

There has never been a need for further … changes – always established{even in dynamic models, but not on our conditions/goals/neolithic production…}, because the mechanism of the system, creation systems, neo creation, hyper evolution, which was and is contradictory to a centrally determined arrangement of some kind already established, has been not seen(unwanted to see), set (very/disregarded) currently on makeshift but eternal models of natural relations, patterns, trends, “laws”.

For the so-called ordinary vanity economy, = shamanic science/=static relations of more or less mutual relations, it is not relevant in playful market relations. Because the hyper evolutionary tools suggested here depict entirely the components of the system that anyway do not directly affect the systems of current irrelevant economic vain relations systems…like the air, or better to say, like a vacuum. The same applies to the entire segments of science and research, where established natural relations were a sufficient object for the action… there is no, and there was no need to invert the established relations of “laws” of nature … “because what is to be embraced in contemporary doctrine economic, scientific, civilization/religious, that’s enough “…more explanations about it later.

There is a need to grow up … productively, technologically, economically, so that science actively reaches structurally, reconstructively deeper neolithic decks, barriers of hyper evolutionary revolution.
As it was in the beginning in a regular neolithic revolution, maturing, i.e., creating parks, tools for the next breakthroughs and making non-pre neolithic decisions and actions, but rather making a neo-neolithic tool, production of toolsets for the construction of subsequent generations of future tools for upcoming generations of decks, barriers of creation, existence, neo creation.

To be continued

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