4D launching the steering hyper mega/mass productions/= hyper evolution of patterns, genetics blocks of micro-macro space. 6.e.

The viral war has interrupted a series of articles on determining the strategy of functioning in an infinite world of systems that we should treat more responsibly. I didn’t want to bombard distracting brainstorming suggestions during this viral war. Decision-makers should then focus on this fight and not listen to some more or less futuristic agonizing.
But this war is still going on, and even if it ends, one or another system war with more or less power may wake up again.

Do we draw lessons from this war, conclusions for a more responsible strategy, planning, influencing our own individuality, as well as from the civilization/system position?
Because as we are still going, we are moving more or less consciously, more or less purposefully – or rather without intentionally – on the downward slope of evolution/hyper evolution with our or without our active(or rather passive” ecologic” or anti eco instead of active eco hyper/evolution) participation, in a suicidal (rather systemically blind already established vegetative template development) primitive fatalistic nihilistic economic-religious rush.

Could this viral war wake us up, teach us something? For some changes certainly. But is it enough that this war does not happen again, but in a more destructive dimension as it was with the First / Second World War?

Do we do enough homework from this first global viral war as it was after the first world war?

This is how it was and be with the continuation of the hyper (i.e., not passive approach/strategy of all physical/chemical and biological events) evolutionary race in the micro-macro space … like the further continuation of flights of machines and people into space(x) … but in an increasingly unconditionally mass process (geometric pace of investment development, environmental processing based on hyper ecological principles … i.e., shaping the evolutionary process in the production process, hyperproduction …a real / non-passive hyper / evolutionary responsibility).
Cov system mutation emphasizes the need for proper reorganization of hyper organizational infrastructure, hyperproduction park, infinitely more magnificent than any plans, economic and scientific religious concept … or new post per harbor hyper economic boom hyper infrastructure telecommunication …

It is about increasing … hyper/ecological intelligence by increasing the sense of active responsibility by taking over, overtaking entire systems, processes that we can, we are already striving in ever different strength and configuration
Responsibility intelligence as a technological/economic guarantee … a new quasi-gravitational (extra from nowhere {but from our ingenuity}”4 the” dimensional) force of the key factor of security and development in the internal and external environment of nature’s systems.

So it’s an investment in changing the properties of a set of natural structures by creating our own field, launcher … an artificial big bang … hyper/evolutionary, = mega-production.
Not between alchemically pre neolithic tool and strategically science, but theoretically neolithic and pre neolithic dormant economics, which has the potential of already tool-based neolithic penetration into the change of the genetic property of the entire natural environment at all / towards all levels on a mass/mega-production scale.
These genetic scissors of the two potentials should/must combine, on the one hand, the theoretical neolithic and neolithic production potential, in parallel with the pre neolithic dissection of scientific tool and the other hand, of pre neolithic strategic of production.

Strong steps are needed for this fusion of the potency of the explosion of the hyper neolithic revolution, hyper evolutionary genetic scissors. A scientific production slider initiating a telecommunications controller for layering of multiple processes/levers on a distance in the mass scale of the hyper-natural process, i.e. from our co-responsible participation in the mass (joint) transformation of entire space.

To be continued to more and more responsible and peaceful future enterprises with natural systems.

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