Evolutionary responsibility/hyper evolutionary awareness as faith and key to the creation on a trillion times scale exceeding the current scale of physical, economic, and biological size and velocity. 7.a.

It is time to realize the need to restart the telecommunications era of mass, remote control. The need for which became particularly apparent after the outbreak of the Cov pandemic virus.
Approach to systems of nature as a very active remote cascade transfer of work competences, buffering in a hyper evolutionary race, and not arrogant homo-centric statements/”laws” of unviolable barriers of matter and life.
All laws, phenomena based on dynamic reconstructions in the style of the Neolithic revolution, i.e., the breaking tools of the static approach, the structure of vision, and the modeling of the entire space encountered and its relations and ratios.
Such an intense scissor-like (genome like) making scientifically together with production/economy decision-making is the right machine, gear, lever, tool as the essence of the mechanism for determining, producing any properties, trends, creations, neo creation in the form of gigantic (repetitive, mass) intentional hyper evolutionary investments above pre-neolithic relations, i.e., above existing physical, biological, chemical relations/ratios, etc … re-engineering them … building our own background, i.e., planetary, biological, physical engineering (exploitation and mass reconstruction of elementary particles in repetitive increasingly cheaper mass production processes, i.e., hyper evolutionary, i.e., creative / neo-creation processes)..for lower and lower costs of …matter and life support and neo/creation.

The pandemic crisis has triggered involuntary hyper evolutionary, hyper neolithic behaviors.
Behaviors necessary and natural and obvious for survival and development, and not indifferent non-passive attitude in macro (economic) natural/evolutionary activities. This crisis shows the real role, or rather the lack of it, in the ambivalent or consumer-giving vanity economy and the shamanic pre neolithic scientific current – regularly scholastically defining the final shape of some external/internal nature/fate of things/any phenomena.
And it would be more about industrial activation of harmonizing the leading role, the main factor generating engineering of further trends, processes of “natural … laws{or better worked out/=deserved rights}” structures.
This accumulating ecological-evolutionary crisis should finally force the strategy to think/act not ambivalent because of the “power” of nature, or the egocentric/nihilistic “power” of the variable independent economy of civilization.

The evolutionary, ecological crisis may force, teach us at the end (or provide us with the realization of Mars adventures, but already on our planet gradually becoming similar to Mars) to hyper evolutionary, mass, remote control, automatic control all possible processes, reducing ecological, economic costs … increasing mobility, project productivity … breaks the bottleneck of hand made alchemy and mind, scientific (mega) production of the hyper evolutionary, the neo-neolithic strategy of habits … or what’s new the flywheel of hyper evolutionary progress will manually increase our tool’s perceptions of action and then evolutionary intelligence … and the real takeover of micro-macro space initiative at higher levels … which will take us out of the lower level of existential life and development … will increase our quality, level and life expectancy unlimited in relation to contemporary depression/economic, technological, ecological, civilization and living degradation.
There are no marketing classic economic projects in this new proposed hyper evolutionary development strategy. The only strategy proposed is the strategy of super-efficient production of tools/devices for subsequent production for changing positions in a kind of cooperation, competition with other systems … customers, colleagues, materials, economic factories of nature. Merely the production of industrial parks that are more and more efficient, more and more autonomous and, above all, cheaper and cheaper in our participation in non-passive creation, neo creation, neo evolution, hyper evolution of the environment inside and outside us, in competition with other systems that are also fighting for the most advantageous possible positions in this evolutionary, hyper evolutionary competition in our non-passive competition for … death and life and … dignity in co-molding all encountered areas and phenomena of nature, of which we are an equal part already without “laws”, but with a heavy but possibly more and more efficiently developed active participation rights(not any laws anymore!) of a neo creative man, not a passive nomad in the space of micro-micro-space systems of nature.

In many cases, we do not have to agree, but it is about sharing vectors of proposals, activities that have one or other direct or indirect impact on our lives, matter here now or in the near or distant future.

These or other concepts may not even be right for me. There are suggestions, counterproposals, nuances, meanders of the factors of the modern stone ax, so we are making these neolithic revolutions more and more deeply, and let us just be more and more aware … Because we are not aware and what bends the shamanic science … economy of vanity because it does not notice this higher level of hyper evolutionary awareness/intelligence relevant to the strategy, directions of development of our existence here, and future. This awareness should be built not only theoretically, but also by mega tool/mega productively … in creating a new background for nature/=hyper evolutionary/hyper ecological industrial parks of nature for the new mind and…new matter and…new(better) life.

To be continued with the drafts of the new strategy of science and economy for/of the/our future/life.

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