The purpose of homo sapiens as a co-responsible system for processing internal and external systems of nature on a scale of geometric progression. 7.b.

Further suggestions, arguments for building fundaments for self-evolving/progressing geometrically production processes, structures, systems of more and more automatic production parks/centers for ever bigger production centers/incubators.

Pandemic contra hyper evolutionary/hyper neolithic package. It is like an ad hoc planning related to a strategy of permanent buffering our existence/development and/for the return of science and economy from a shamanic and vanity course.
These are proposals of total changes to permanent priorities and habits.
It shows the majority of the “needs” of modern NASA, etc. in relation to hyper evolutionary dynamic, initiating, hyper investment, hyper transforming, which are to determine actions concerning potential and current expectations, threats, survival strategies, vector development, more initiating, consistent with other vectors ( hyper) evolutionary matter and the life of competing, parallel systems within us and beyond.

Our actions should be responsible for further striking, cultivating, improving, (hyper – that is, on our initiative and efforts) the evolution/grinding/restructuring of stone, the garden that God, nature gives us. Because God is a dynamization of any system and participation in it is just mighty work and great responsibility in hosting, transforming, and taking over a role from the system.
The role of creation, neo-creation. The purpose of empowering the child of nature/god in its further creation, neo creation, and not just passive expectation or nihilism. The purpose of homo sapiens as a co-responsible system for processing internal and external systems of nature on a scale of geometric progression. Because only on such a scale, there are mechanisms for us (and each organism separately) and other systems to determine the degradation or growth position in the surrounding environment from inside and outside of nature.

Systems also overlap
Let’s just listen, work, and be responsible for our own and … other systems’ actions, i.e., let’s react not passively.
So God/nature, its multi-system complexity is not yielding to a dispassionate or subordinate approach, incitement, but personal or responsible active, non-passive approach to all processes, structures … and this is a breakthrough not only in religion, philosophy but also in physics, biology, economics, ecology, politics … life, the cosmos – in us and beyond in shaping the whole generic background of matter and life at the pace of geometric transformations.
More and more powerful mega-production facilities are needed/=hyper evolutionary/hyper automatic processing, and care of the environment (hyper ecology), control of the environment as any more or less known system does so to stay on the hyperdynamic scene of competing systems of matter and life in us and beyond.
We need this development base. The backbone of hyper-constructive, hyper-creative, neo-creative maturation if we want not to lose, if we are homo sapiens from the perspective of development as in the process of child maturation in relation to the process of maturation of the baby monkey. Which human child needs more time and facilities to win this monkey/or other systems finally… win in the process ..hyper/evolutionary of matter/life.

The world stopped a little … give a small chance to think about the value of reflection on real needs and … potentials for happiness, a breath of real security, development.
Not mindless economics/science of unnecessary things but reasonable as well as maybe more efficient real strategic development and existence, physical and … mental conscious, responsible, divine …

The goal is not to slow down but, on the contrary, repeatedly streamlining, accelerating economic and social progress effective i.e., ecological, medical, technological, civilization, and above all, worthy … And here are the attitudes of this hyper evolutionary breakthrough, hyper neolithic, hyper economic, hyper-energetic, hyper medical, hyper scientific, hyper-technological, hyper-religious, hyper-political, hyper-technological.

Not getting lost in this infinite total ruthless hyper race of systems of matter and life
parallel or opposite or meeting our needs.
On these systems and next to them, building following value trends trending the further course of one or another big bang of matter and life. Generating activities and patterns and, at the same time, trends of all space …
Is this a Eurocentric approach? … No. It is taking into account its own non-passive rights, attitudes, trends, dignity and work of own contribution, and not some absolute usurpation on one or the other to ours, to other and other systems / “laws” to our system, including systems of life, matter, the energy of all values, relations, arrangements in worked out decks of hyper revolutionary, the hyper neolithic revolution of selective economics.

Change of mentality strategy of any existence and development … Support our own dignity/position, and further, and very importantly, the further desirability of the strategy of hyper-space centrifugal tendencies “over dimensional” for…annihilating the current 3d system.

To be continued to new dimensions of life and matter hyper evolution= mega-production

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