A self-replicating teams of robots strategy of development as small as possible in tendencies components of new 4 d systems capable of further self-replicating development by remote and programmed commands with/against met 3 dimension world of systems. 7.c.


Continuation of the hyper evolutionary, and so hyper economically, hyper technologically, hyper ecologically race of matter and so life by outside vectoring/4 d re/neo constructing of the classic world of 3 d.

More than natural initiatives are needed to break the barriers of more or less difficult interruption of evolutionary dependencies that brake our aspirations for life and/by micro/macro universe.
It takes new looks, new designs, absolute but dynamic/elastic models, and total engineering and technological designs.
Designs that go beyond a passive description of nature. Modeling models initiating new models, competitive competition models in this absolute evolutionary race, where only bold and worked out productions of own decks, own background is worthly matter and life. We need progressive patterns, constantly adapting new parameters of hyper/technological, mega/production, hyper(selective)economic projection of further development processes … unfortunately not slowing down but accelerating it in geometric progress … if we do not want the environment to absorb us in the geometric growth – unfortunately … naive passivity of doing nothing leads/will lead each of us to inevitable destruction. I know that for many, the attitude of a passive lamb is ecological … it is the attitude of a lamb waiting in its queue to offer itself to other participants of the hyper evolutionary, divine race. At least on my part, there will never be such consent.

Physical, biological, economic formulas are progressing … with dynamic coefficient – d.
There are no absolute, but there are(they should be) absolute dynamics models or vanishing barrier laws, just only temporary ones to which one can easily add, construct production, tools extra factors and quotations/ratios, economically, strategically, directionally the next factors of the no more absolute but totally model of interventions, hyper evolutions of matter and life on any met level.

So it is going about breaking any patterns at every level more or less strategic, scientific, engineering, production … medical … Of course, more strategically inventive. It gives new, innovative views, chances of existence, and development … It revolutionizes literally and transfers any initiatives (wanting initiatives / = wishing to live), actions, thinking, religions, economy, politic.

And it is this progressive pattern (hyper evolutionary icebreaker) that is a progressive, retaining genetic zip … from the “left” or according to rights produced of/by this initiative
with the help of mega/self re/neo/production of a new own background/catapult hyper evolutionary factors/components of matter and life of the “4d printer” from “nowhere”/=on its own initiative/aspirations… by the power of love for life…by the discovered potential of progressive technologically, economically perpetuum mobile of life and matter.

And this has an impact on the teaching methodology … and
And this affects the methodology of teaching, studying, discovering, … life, economics, medicine… ecology

This progressive pattern is the basis of innovation, its definition, the nucleus of matter, and the life of creative thought …

Not sufficient hyper evolutionary
(as with insufficient cosmic velocity to break the gravitational barrier in … in this case gravitational hyper (generational)/evolutionary dependencies /= complexity/elasticity advantage race)
hyper neolithic behavior.
The opportunism of ecological/economic nihilism leads to collapse, anti efficiency, ( in reality)anti-ecological or anti-productive, anti-support safeness buffering. It is not sufficiently harmonious that due to europocentric, shamanic, anyway fatalistic behavior/tendencies to maintain what static pseudo-ecological / economic status quo in a very dynamic, competing environment of nature of others (including micro and macro) systems.

But we anyway influence more or less everything that surrounds us with each other.
Everything can be changed. Just take responsibility for what you want to change. Of course, trust is combined with constant commitment, arduous work of profound changes of environment/background in the direction often opposite in the competition with other worlds/models, the universe of systems. That is, not to drop own future on blind fate, but on own contribution more or less efficiently in directing/vectoring any changes.

To change something, including the geometric pace of change, one also needs an efficient system. System 4 d. System 4 dimensions. The “4 d printers” system. Programming systems, remotely implementing the components of an increasingly sublime new background of/for matter neo/creation and what’s next background of life re/neo creation.
4d means self-replicating teams of robots strategy of development as smallest as possible in tendencies components of new 4 d systems capable of further self-replicating development by remote and programmed commands.
4d also means initiations above before current 3d stand of environment, background, industrial park

The combination of these two 4d meanings has a profound impact on any creation’s perspectives and progress.

This viral war will implement a new thought, a new economy, a new science of a new neolithic era.
It will force the need to implement an automatic hyper evolutionary production “line”(-that more reminder geometric pace duplications/mega productions …new plants of components and further progressive productions mega parks) system
… production of tool production, material for nano drones
in trillions of trillions… pieces for anti-virus and other anti-barrier systems as well as for their own expansion in a kind of direct trade/commercial war with/also against other systems, sources of nature.

It will not be an ordinary economic competition.
But economic competition with … nature in monopolistic degrees … there are no secondary internal economic competitors but only conducting parallel struggle with competitors of external economic systems of/by nature but not internal with our civilization of enterprises etc.

To be continued to the race with/against systems of nature as an equal/strong partner/competitor.

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