Technologic/economic Big Bang as a remedy for our systems position among the others. 1.a.

Notes, sketches of technological/economic background creation, basics of creation of components of matter and then life


Change in thinking of employment between a horse and a car. {maybe employing a mega-production of technology takes the time of incubation, self-realization, “self-education”, but it will break in a short time the current neolithic level manufacture mind/aspirations – something like an under 2-year-old man is overtaken by the intelligence of an up to 2-year-old monkey. So not a continuation but a further evolution of transformation and re/neo/creation processes.
Preference for employing/studying of/for changing of…nature/neo constructing (mega) production rather than alchemy/= current teaching, “laws”studying and contemporary production system if we want to go further.
In this viral war of different systems, including our system for higher aspirations of …matter/=life – not stagnation=vegetative passivity of irresponsibility on behalf of some victim – life, the need for a war act to impose a specific scientific, scientific incubatoral basis for the mega-production of these nano drone cars … production of next generations of “lines”(but rather more in geometric pace) production etc. that is the whole new hyper evolution system …= future/present neolithic builds a new background, new platform, new (mega) industrial parks, mega-production, self-replicating incubation according to “mutating” programs, and remote control.

Until now, a systemic approach to deep intervention, but in a fully responsible, hyper evolutionary interaction with nature has been ignored on official partner terms and … on the laws(instead of on technologically rights) of planned continuation of transformation, creation, the evolution of all processes of matter and life.

So not more ignorance or lack of dignity to nature but rather
personifications of systems of nature with intense interventions (more freely economic exchange of/for infinite potentials of ingenuity and size of any actions and goals) in creations matter are the right way for salvation neo creation of both sides.

The need for systemic action, responsible for shaping, further building, changing, caring for the garden of space. It takes this divine responsibility not only to think but to be very active, i.e., hyper r/evolution of thinking.
Not ad hoc = sin is short-sightedness
Lack of a broader responsibility in shaping (the keyword) ever deeper layers of matter and (and thus) life … “God will open eyes … Remove the stone on the path from the grave of addiction (shamanism/evolutionary nihilism / neo-creative), falling/subordination, for our value/creation / neo-creation of matter/life, hyper evolutionary neolithic, divine, cosmic responsibility, life beyond for a loving god or for a worked-out chance to heal the resurrection/=re/neo creation.
Everyone who believes in me ….= responsibility for creating the nature of systems … faith, of course, supported by actions, not vanity and shamanism of a/creationism
Shamanism is not faith … True faith is a strategy, an aspiration that, above all, is a responsibility for action/creation.

Responsibility is equal to faith.
The higher the responsibility for the environment (very active/progressive hyper/ecology, hyper creationism), processes, structures, the higher the strategic, scientific, hyper evolutionary impact and the higher the effectiveness of the actions taken, the greater the rights and laws, the higher the progressiveness, progressive design scientific and production modeling.

The pide or rather presuming of scientific/scholastic, eco-economic/nihilistic shamanism is a threat to not only development – and even from the conscious assumption of these contemporary nihilistic attitudes – but for further existence … vegetation … as it is shown by the early “little” crisis of the 3rd viral world war.

There is a thin line here between a specific shamanic faith/passive expectation/lust/demand/ambivalence (or rather the lack of any deeper responsible attitude/faith) and the faith of responsibility.

Wars that we lose due to pre neolithic/primitive evolutionism/primitive(shamanic) science/economy presuming, i.e., lack of very active joint responsibility for the processes of their protection, attack, development … very poor arming in this permanent war sometimes periodically referred to as 1,2,3 rd .. we each other or to/between our system(civilization) and other systems in competition, co-creation.

This all is about speedup economy/technology/production
trillions of trillions times because/against today’s mind/technology/economy / … science to brake both creative as traditional marked by this time by/for hyper-growth hyper evolution hyper neolithic.

So war on systems. So not surrendering to this evolutionary struggle, but rather hyper evolutionary, neo-creative in
-I am merely saying a change in the balance of power, at least from our civilization system of vision and aspiration and … above all active responsibility, not passive, prayed, alms-like –
so reinforcing approach to the strategy of any development, existence, i.e., its constant foundation/building reinforcement, protection, development, permanent reinforcement/=reinforcement of systems, own immune systems, generic, own expansion, existence trends, own hyper evolution, deepening neolithic strategy/mega-production/mega technology/=of 4d …
Just as countries allocate some of their development/existential reserves to armaments, cosmonautics, treatment, so this proposed system -shortly 4 d production system expansion/or rather explosion (particularly technologic/economic/evolutionary Big Bang of …technologic perpetuum mobile)- should have a special share in the public sector/activities whose task would be to stimulate the most effective building of the 4 d park/s of this hyper neolithic armament, hyperevolutionary, hyper war on the plane of generating production/technological foundations for the matter of life of the micro/macro of the cosmos …

The current 3 (viral) world war will visualize, force the right reflection to properly highlight the aspect that already exists, but it is not sufficiently noticed whether in religion, economics, science … It is no longer a static system, but very dynamic, active, progressive interactions (war/competition/cooperation… as between countries today) between our life/matter/aspiration system and other party systems, factors/factorization/vectoring … factors, phenomena on a total scale inspired by a futuristic but now by constructed 4d team/s against existing scholastic/vegetative/=technological/economic 3d system-that we currently so deeply involved.
Because without the development, we will not only not improve or establish a wishful level of vegetation, so-called normality, but we will simply reduce the chance of survival of us and our civilization through this abandonment of the hyper evolutionary strategy.
This is not about any special effort but just taking care of this fun in life and its development more realistically than virtually, just courage in … total changes in the environment, of course, as comprehensive as possible (hyper ecological/=hyper evolutionary), effective and not its maintenance because this cannot be done in a very dynamic arrangement of live micro-macro nature systems. Because establishing some own, permanent, particularly safari/natural reserve model is just thoughtless, fatal European centric pride/=presuming… Only the strategy and the operation of a profound, dynamic change of nature/structure of the (micro/macro)cosmos … its systems (including ours), gives opportunities and chances for our further existence, life at the level not of the homo sapiens reserve/safari, but worthy of the dignity of the level of hyper homo sapiens, i.e., homosapiens fully responsible for all processes and relations, i.e., not some laws of nature but own developed rights of/for technology/neo creation (systems of) nature.

To be continued to further re/neo/construction (hyper evolution/hyper responsibility in mega action/mega-production technology) of nature on the divine scale of creation.

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