A non-passive responsibility in improving us and the environment is directly proportional to the effectiveness of any actions. 1.b.

Continuation of futuristic inspirations to develop strategies reaches ever-higher levels of cosmic hyper evolutionary speed, hyper-creative, hyper-technological, hyper economic, hyper scientific.

Personal treatment of systems of nature(means systems of our micro and macro surrounding) in the style of a kind of arms race, competition, cooperation with mutating systems … That is, respecting the treatment of position, existence, its development, protection, and not a primitive material approach in establishing pseudo (specific racist, Europe-centric) laws of nature. Yes, we are the center of the universe, the ocean of systems (often much more potent by gravity in a broad sense), with which, however, we must continuously work on constantly renewing, corrected relations … technological, mega-technological, mega-production, hyper evolutionary, creative, neo creative, neo laws/=rights, neo very flexible variable laws, technological production/leverage laws … as in the economics of natural and evolutionary relations, there have been, always will be.

Will the third viral world war trigger, force a new, forward-looking, progressive, and no longer vegetative look at its position, roles, opportunities in this next generation micro-macro (nano) cosmonautics?

Production of own pathogens, own specific evolutionary background (hyper) for production, provocation according to more of your scenario processes in organisms … Such development of self-replicating systems of micro-nano drones of telecommunications systems in a consistent, continuous schedule … parallel civilization, mobile scaffolding, civilization and individual gene on a global scale, human material biological micro-cosmos

Such specific hammering into the structures of the micro cosmos (for acquiring the macro of the universe also) by upgrading nano rocket systems
In hammering, acquiring cosmic structures in this case, micro-cosmic life and matter.

Science needs the steadily increasing support of mega-production / mega technology, and above all, strategy, evolutionary, neo-creative thought. Not just juggling existing technological and production achievements in determining some rights adequate to this existing level, and adjusting “down” to the level of production, in further production and technological concepts of exploitation, neo creation of the micro-cosmos of life and matter, and vice versa matter and life … to come from a specific level of attraction of a given cosmic velocity in this case we are talking about the mega-production speed, mega civilization organism, hyper evolutionary, neo creative

An example of the exploration of the cosmos of the moon as a kind of costly shaman fun at low levels, production achievements – “constantly reheating the old chop” or the strategy of mass cheapness of automation of the mega-production / hyper-production / hyper-technological process in mastering …
of the moon … not with us but with him and his resources – something specific to building the lunar civilization from the beginning, but on other mega-productive civilization foundations – creating processing of the artificial moon background, and further it’s further, more effective. exploration …. the lunar bonanza as a catapult of earthly hyper-ecological / mega-production / mega-technology / mega-ecological, hyper-creative civilization.

So here it is about humiliating science like this but increasing its perspective of perception and usefulness in the mega hyper evolutionary race, i.e., the ratio of production to research …
it is the speed of a real cosmic race on a macro and micro scale … here it is about research on the rate of matter processing and then life at the level of the mechanical total at the physical, chemical, mine, mass processing, cascade, avalanche effect of the snowball production of hyper industrial parks, the growth of their teams, their size, precision, quantity, to give this science this better microscope and another tool for even more efficient exploration, cooperation with systems of nature, improve the system’s ownership and its position among other systems that often cross with ours to a greater or lesser extent.

It is about the production of an ever-larger – and better, more and more powerful if we want to talk about some chance of our civilization’s position concerning other systems of matter and life – the artificial production background … new components of “park” materials (which will be the interactive components of the next parks, material, fuel) of the following parks, tools parks…
Tool material … life to carry on more effective research and thus mega-production of the next level of background to the next level of development research, etc.

“Make the land surrendered”…
Only deep systematic reconstruction, buffering gives a higher chance of flexible depreciation of existence and development, and not floating on some waves of the inviolable firmament of nature or some expectation, passivity, passivity.

Speed, directionality, bulkiness, precision are absolute paradigms, factors of the tool view, or somewhat active immediate participation in the reconstruction of trends in property structure processes … rights … and in this case already developed, earned, well-deserved rights, which are to be a superstructure, determinant on the laws of the firmament of modern alchemy of science.

So it means about our responsibility against/above vanity of lazy (establishment) laws of nature matter and life systems.
Our vanity must not kill real faith/=responsibility and the desire to improve life and the world. Otherwise, we will kill God (kill our divine responsibility by childish vanity/irresponsibility) and ourselves again and again. The speed, directionality, mass of our actions, i.e., the non-passive responsibility in improving us and the environment is directly proportional to the effectiveness of actions as God’s actions and / to real life, not his denial or death.

To be continued to (mega cosmic/mega environmental)strategy of…scanning and taking over the levers of matter / micro-macro life of the cosmos … towards being more powerful than god and any known forces/structures of matter/=life.



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