The strategy of mass micro restructuring of the environment as the power/paradigm of/for a(ny) new economy, physics… of matter, and life. 1.c.

Further search/inspiration of mechanisms for shaping mechanism of directionality/purposefulness/sensibility/consciousness/intelligence of our own and external forces, potentials for the development of existence in co-direction with “external” evolution of the micro-macro cosmos of ours and other systems in mixed constellations.
The release of forces greater than God…
raising, raising the universe of nature to break down barriers, raise heart, belief over evil/barriers (barriers of existence and development of us and others more or less in our view of living beings who have more or less the right to live according to our “laws”)
seem impenetrable over the waves of the ocean of the leverage of systems of the cosmos in the technological 4d perpetuum mobile broadly understood life …
We can change or work out the world for the better. We are/have so doing everything to make the direction of natural or evolutionary changes more suited to our sense of security and development. We can change all the wrong situations, change bad states. We have always used our innovative potential, the potential of this faith, as the basis for technological development, hyperproduction, processing the current arrangement of 3d relations including our 4d hyper evolutionary contribution/…innovations…included organizational/economic innovations….of/for active neo creative choices and responsibilities.
Our direction is to be this force that surpasses the strength of God, i.e., a given system of natural relations, internal and external systems, which also in their evolutionary competition are fighting for their position. Our system of the civilization of not inferior sort has the right to actively contribute to these changes, in this case from our side hyper evolutionary transformations … exceeding current forces, forces of nature, forces of God.
The need for courageous thoughts and actions in this active cooperation of evolution, active ecology of shaping, transforming, directionality, development, and elaboration of vectors – here the order of influencing, direct shaping, constructing forces, vector waves for further development, building, development vectors and so interchangeably working out and then co-constructing, etc. of vectors/for vectoring(scaling/directing) for the development of micro and macro forces of our environment/cosmos…our areas of interest of life and matter( and matter for life)…of existence and development/empower…of the existence.
Responsibility in co-molding the waves, the vectors of development, and existence is a religious and existential moral and technological and economic obligation. It is very active overtaking the tasks of an imaginary more or less god/”laws” of nature /of shaping the systems of nature – protective, decisive – on our shoulders taking full responsibility for the matter and so what’s going further on life too… lack of such initiative will be practically unforgivable contempt for life … and god/nature, so that automatically will we feel the harmful effects of retrograde development … regress … how it was for example on… the planet mars…on earth also, where we can find out infinity amount of examples of regressive “development” or at least stagnation/vegetations that means anyway regression in evolving environment.
The giant challenges need to prepare giant production park structures for taking over, influencing, replacing structures at model scales in maxi and micro sizes … for further hyper/evolutionary production, for further reproduction, simply to harness the forces of nature on a very massive scale … or they tame us.
Working out the materiality of building the structures of life and matter and, consequently, influencing and producing them
 – these already changed material structures – new features, properties, factor … … influencing / developing our own contribution to changes in the genetic basis of the nature of the behavior of evolution … existential, developmental.
As, for example, with progressive Christianity, technologization/further implementation of the work of God in shaping the background of the generic garden of Eden/nature progressed, so now the existential strategy of selective economics, the tool/lever definition of nature is to be the next breakthrough of civilization existence and the development of an ever-higher gear, a hyper evolutionary breakthrough/mega industrial/ hyper-technological/hyper economic nature of the macro microcosmic to look at various natural phenomena in the proper position in the mutual intensification of nature’s systems, including epidemics, etc. and not to underestimate hyper evolutionary
aspects/opportunities and threats (omissions) in one’s own existence and development.
Accepting the micro-macro cosmos lever as an existential developmental path of life/matter. This acquisition is the four-dimensional contribution to the neo/creation of properties, features of life processes of the matter of the existing 3d cosmos … which is also inspired by other sides/systems in this neo-creative dimension of 4 d.
This is taking over the leverage of shaping the material and then the properties in more and more remote / (programming) software
As a peculiar own over 3 dimensional in shaping the leverage space of the structures of natural processes.
Manufacturing-producing-mega production-hyper r/evolutionizing-neo-creation – this is the 4d code … more powerful than ocean waves and other 3 d systems
and along the way, more powerful than nature and divine weaknesses and barriers, viruses, climates … is their own participation in the construction of our common background, the farm of life and matter …
Profound investments, = changing the background of the foundations of production, = mega-production, = hyper evolutionary, multiplies the primitive shamanic attachment a billion times, looking at the chance of technological explosion above gravity – literally and figuratively – attracting/destroying the next degrees/barriers of “cosmic” speeds of possibilities and opportunities.
Adjusting world puzzles without an imposed pattern for work, creation, neo creation, and not some kind of absolute patterns/models/”laws” of possibility and inability.
Leverage technical maneuvers to take over more and more internal structures through a kind of journey through them, their modernization, or plasticization.
This strategy of mass micro restructuring of the environment, or rather the background of the environment is simply more and more precise, engineering, automatic, remote treatment equipment, increasingly massive treatment of the micro-macro space environment … as historically and today has been and is taking place, but strategically, methodologically not ultimately used .. only sideways, by chance, not methodically … somehow there was no time for this and … for religions … so it is about super religions as the basis of strategies, directions, perspectives for constructing foundations development and existence in micro and macro space systems.
Productively digging deeper into the foundations/foundations of the genetic background of the environment … and further, deeper into the shaping, reconstructing, creating our own foundations for climate, viral, life processes through the development of depth and remote/autonomous automatic mass economic network of mutually developing/replicating teams industrial parks of tools, materials/components – as the basis for new materials and so new properties  of… matter and life
This is a neo-neolithic strategy and a paradigm of non-passive development and survival.
To be continued of the cosmic arms race in creating new matter, a new genealogy of matter for the new genealogy of life and its perspectives.

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