Selective physics as the fundament of any mind and action. 2.a.

Selective physics as a paradigm of all processes, structures development, as fundamental of the science of physics, biology, economics, mathematics, etc…for any belief, and any initiative…for any matter and(so) any life.

We come to fundamental decisions about our place no longer static but about continuing to work out / win a position in consistently competitive system space.

Developing ourselves, tools, materials that would define further foundations … or rather the next stages of designing, manufacturing structures, creation processes for ever and ever newer materials to produce ever more modern devices, tools, fuels – for even newer and newer materials and so on exchangeably by the artificial r/evolution – in a continuous, specific mechanical, programmed system and from time to time remotely controlled with less and less direct human participation as it has long been taking place in the process of neolithic, hyper neolithic revolution/evolution.

That’s how we do it. But does this mean that I break open the door? No. Our strategies for these transformations, interventions, or rather a lack of it in the environment, due to vanity economy, vanity physics/scientific shamanism, due to this continuation of the neolithic revolution … or rather its insufficient continuation … considering this world, what we perceive now is what it is. So we have to somehow (not hyper/neolithically revolutionary) pre hyper/neolithically jumping on it in vegetative/shamanic/vanity dance…because anyway we can’t break through stated by our “absolute” knowledge of(of – a {sorry- primitive static} vision of- physics, etc.) barriers of possibilities and chances.

No. It is about the whole politics, philosophy, physics of not a passive but creative view on the environment in which we live, which we find, and which we should be the most active students/participants to become his shared generators, initiators by equal/if well-deserved rights( no any more laws) for creation, re/creation, neo/creation of the environment.
New definitions of the environment, its physics, i.e., new definitions, dynamic definitions of time and matter, or rather their less abrupt, primitive static definitions … and more working active exploitation, creation, neo-creation, productive, productive, economic (selective economics) look defining processes aimed at intervening in these processes at the scale of operation or initiation of processes possibly on a mass scale/initiation – because only such a scale/initiation/=generation has some significance in nature.

We have and we can to get out of the pre-neolithic collapse of a peculiar civilizational but ape selfishness and (war)game with a fatalistic zero result, which in fact costed all civilizations one by one their end, and to the best of primitive submissive vegetation not worthy of man, homo sapiens responsible for his actions and positions.

We are talking about developing mechanisms, processes of micro macro cosmic transformation of the life of matter, i.e., increasing the specific potential of manual space or rather the use of increasingly remote control of the creation of the environment in an ever deeper and further area … ..which will allow for even better development of this machine and then neo/creation processes.

Here, of course, we are talking about economics/physics (because real physics is the economics of the matter, it is processing/neo creating … and so one does not have to passively look at any science of physics, biology, chemistry … on the course of processes and paths of joint hyper-productive/hyper evolutionary/=selective economics/neo-creative economics in these processes) market hyper evolving on the background formation/cooperation of environmental co-genealogy and so in physical-economic symbiosis with other systems.

So no more philosophy/science and games with a zero market result (showing off) of the own system, already without any hyperlinks of existential development beyond the civilization of our world, which only sometimes Adhoc react to given phenomena, processes without building a permanent deeper base existential and developmental … more and more hyper manual or rather mindless, vanity economic mortal war games.

This is what continuity is about, more and more massive (in the technological and technological progress … of the technological prepetuum mobile – establishing a possibly autonomous mega-production system of a neo-creative environment), process reconstructions of the space-time environment, more and more profoundly interfering with the processes, their structure, structure, and properties … .This is about time-space folding as primitively expressed in some aspects of astrophysics.

But rather it is about matter whose treatment is the basis of its revival, its harmonization, is the genealogical, genetic, physical and economic basis, and above all the basis of humanity and life of any life and any processes (neo)evolving/(neo)engineering continuation.

To be continued with the new era of vision and science,and belief,and matter and life.

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