The shaping of the structure and properties of our external/internal physical and biological environment background means the selective economy/physics means hyper evolution/neo creation. 2.b.

Selective physics is hyper evolutionary physics. It is using, developing the background of physical phenomena in the process of hyper ecology/hyper evolution, i.e., participation in the very active shaping of the structure and properties of our external/internal physical and biological environment of our place, our position in system competition, and not ambivalent and/or aadaptation or contempt of processes like treating ourselves as “only” a boat/ship on the ocean …(but)of dependences, competitions of very dynamic, ruthless systems in/outside of us – we were not, we are not and we will not be neutral.
This is about literally building scanning production systems and then total restructuring. Structural, constructional, creation, and total neo-creation preparation, preparing to take over the entire micro-cosmos spaces. That does not mean that each time they are duplicated. Still, it is about developing a very dynamic system of readiness to protect, amortize, buffer negative phenomena, creative initiative, and neo-creative – this is the hyper ecology of taking over the competences of “acquired” spaces in this way … creating our own base of physical and economic evolution in this case in a selective approach, fundamental for further more empowered neocreational, developmental, civilization … deep interventions in global and cosmic phenomena that we could not seem to have any influence on.
Abandonment of active co-co-generation, environmental co-generation. Specific hyper evolutionary/hyper ecological/hyper existential vanity, subordination, fatalism contributes to self-destructive behavior … anti-developmental, adevelopmental.
Taking control / active (non-passive) control over micro-cosmic processes is and should be the existential basis of life, hyper ecological responsibility of selective economics(mega-production)/selective physics of technological perpetuum mobile of re/neostructurization of ever more profound levels of the environment of systems around us from inside and outside.
It is(it has always been…in the neolithic revolution way) time to not only for defense but also counterattack, i.e., initiative, changing the face of the whole environment to a micro-cosmic, total, uninterrupted and infinite degree.
Responsibility (divine/=hypernatural)as a guarantee, security, and development, protection as a paradigm, as the center of rights, … so one needs to overcome this cross of responsibility … to deserve proper …economic and physical salvation ….selectivity means responsibility.
Will epidemiological, climatic collapse change our approach to the environment …the era before the virus and a new era after the virus. Will this era be the same? Whether this present era will teach us something positively or disqualify us as unworthy rubbish how it took place on the planet mars and other civilizations on this globe.
For now, we are still moving more or less consciously, more or less purposefully – and rather without intention – on the descending ramp of the inclined evolution/hyper evolution of us, with ours or without our environment, down in the suicidal primitive/selfishness fatalistic, nihilistic economic-religious rush.
This viral hyper evolutionary race emphasizes the need for proper arming up of the hyper organizational infrastructure, hyperproduction park, infinitely more magnificent than any previous plans, economic, scientific, and …religious concepts …i.e.; it is a new post per harbor, hyper economic boom, hyper infrastructural, hyper telecommunication … scientific hyper at a different technological/mega-production level for new perceptions for neo/creation and vice versa in a variable supporting changeable constellation.
It is about raising the level of economic, technological, scientific, religious, and therefore existential, developmental dignity by expanding this hyperevolutionary park through this hyperevolutionary strategy beyond the fatalistic shamanic religiously scientifically and technologically passive attitude to the neutral processes of the globe and the cosmos and all known and unknown elementary, genetic particles in which we are, and we can simply be more and more active in a mechanical, autonomous …by controlled autonomous perpetuum mobile way of transformation, mega-production, hyper evolution, re/neo/creation.
Production of self-forming hyper evolutionarily strategically planned programmatic parks of more and more efficient energy mass precision production technologies in themselves as background, economic buffer, fuel, hyperevolutionary buffer, fuel.
Like scientists, businessmen, pioneers who started steel mills, oil mines, which were not only in the short but also in the further involuntary perspective and development buffer …newer basics of matter and then life … And not for some show or career but their own basics buffers of existence and development of the foundations of new matter/new life and not for vegetative but conqueror homo sapiens of matter&life.
To be continued to fundaments of neo/re/creation of matter and life.

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