Technological perpetuum mobile/=The development of matter/life structures in increasingly remote control tool-based areas. 2.c.

Developing a specific structure, own structures/properties in literally direct manual/physical systematic, continuous conversion, folding of matter/processes (specific mass folding/processing of matter – with always a positive energy factor, engineering/metallurgy of/for hyper materials/processes) but in the increasingly massive range at a geometric pace, autonomous, automatic, mega productive, remote, increasingly programmable from outside increasingly without our direct interventions…= with less and less direct exploitation and applications of energy and matter.
And inward restructuring as part of an increasingly systematic mass leverage support for the protection and development of decision-making systems that initiate life, that is the development of life structures and structures of its expression in increasingly remote control tool-based areas.
 The same applies to the inside, and from inside and to make bridges, protect them in this maintenance and development of this life as if manually outside and from inside initiated and protected on the earth.
But this process of hyper evolution, transformation, mega reproduction, mega exploitation, mega reconstruction/neo construction on a mass scale can be trained in the soils of the seas and oceans, in deserts, in atmospheric and outer space, also on the moon, asteroids, planets.
 Surgical metallurgical interference. Yes, just mechanical, manual in the structure of the processes of matter( and so life), in their course in their properties, including time properties, or rather process properties and their manipulation, co-creation, neo-formation at this increasingly higher level of the Neolithic revolution, the Neolithic revolution at the level of physics, physics economics, selective economics of material processes as the genetic / neo-coded basis for further transformations, further life, determining properties, changing properties, changing processes in the productive scale of divine creation, or rather jumping over it, taking the initiative in shaping the view of the world of processes, properties, matter, time of all objects in the micro-macro space of life and matter that forming/influencing/generating each other.
As like for the Apollo program, one needs a powerful scientific and production base. In this case, an even more powerful and continuing mega-production/hyper evolutionary support. The background built for further civilization jumps hyper evolutionary, neo creational over next cosmic speeds including speed of light and much more in any cases matter and life in entire space.
In line with the trend, direct man service in the production process is falling.
Production in itself is a brave hyper evolutionary medium, and service is a medium based on this production park, which service takes up less than one promile of human activities. And all is about speed up of the trend—mechanism of the acceleration.
The production, economic and hyper-evolutionary machine produced creates a substrate for new discoveries, initiatives, new barriers, new spaces, new matter, new processes, new structures, new properties/features, new codes, new generations of matter/life.
Hyper evolutionary responsibility is creationism in action, a transformation of structures, relations, systems, more or less through/across systems of nature.
There is no passive ecology but active participation in the creation of one’s own nature, nature’s background … not allowing the so-called natural evil, but gardening the garden of nature to make it better with us by possible less damage to other systems, possibly some forced “colonial” cooperation from time to time, possibly more harmonious  {economic}partnerships with other systems in ever further and deeper spaces of the micro-macro cosmos of matter and (and thus the level, quality, size, dignity, and length) life.
Exceeding the mega-production technology of the economic selective, hyper ecological barrier eliminates all existing, current(level of technology/productivity and knowledge) laws, physical laws, and even mathematical natural and … technological, civilizational ones at every level … it is the development of greater rights than nature / God has given us. … and they should always be deserved rather than given. Just our rights, literally and figuratively in space, we work out all the time, and this is a divine gift of nature.
The factors needed to break through the hyper evolutionary barriers of natural divine forces are to increase the contribution of the innovative breaking of the construction barriers of a given world of the pre barrier world,
the hyper evolutionary contribution, the mega-production of purposeful leverage from the 4d to 3 d … system (i.e. from mass mega-production of technological/energetic/material / … biological perpetuum mobile, which would become a new dynamic background for changing the existing world 3 d of matter thus life) that is, other factors interfered with selective/hyper evolutionary economics. For example, the breakthrough of evolutionary speed levels … hyper evolutionary, i.e., intervening from outside the natural evolutionary system or existing from our evolutionary, hyper evolutionary/=civilizational achievements with the help of our new contribution/system of interests and input/system of our ” hyper lever “mega-production …
It is a kind of forced mechanical innovation.
That is, multiplied efficiency/dimension through structural, mechanical methodical production/economic activities contributing to crossing physical barriers, etc. for geometric higher-level of development or existence, which will allow further breakthroughs in the field of scientific, economic, technological, … (re/neo){mega}production of …matter … life.
We speak here about suggestions of new spaces, new dimensions, new fundamentals of matter, and life re/neo creation by using new platforms by selective physics and selective economics.
Selective physics as selective economics deals with hyper evolutionary hyper neolithic transformation, creative and neo-creative generating is the foundation paradigm of further scientific, physical, biological, etc. activities including mathematical.
It is an abandonment of a static/passively shifting level of perception (and more active mega productive increase of its scale/level) of looking at processes at an ever-higher level than Newtonian/Einsteinian and even higher levels of knowledge, for more and more increasingly accurate/complex perceptions and creations of existing processes supported by this hyper evolutionary/mega-production.
Selective physics /…= selective economics – hyper evolutionary/hyper neolithic as a paradigm/tool generating (vectoring, scalar) directions, velocities, sizes of all-natural and artificial processes and structures, … all sciences including mathematics, economics, biology…
Increasing the park/creation environment mechanically, almost manually,
as if on foot but on a massive mega-production scale of the perpetuum mobile technology and energy for ever extra achievements, economic, (astro) physical, biological…
Increasing the technology, energy, and material park geometrically always at a lower cost than profits at the consistently raised automatic level, which reduces the costs of the mechanical background, while increasing the scientific, production, physical, biological, economic potential of matter, and life structures, processes.
No number, no number will have a permanent time reference and other descriptions of processes, structures because they have a variable nature caused by so-called natural or artificial operations in a permanent dynamic environment of the macro-micro cosmos, i.e., no established so-called laws of nature, even dynamic laws, etc. do not have never of a character sufficiently absolutely dynamic / fitted to any phenomenon, more or less repetitive event.
The topic of selective economics and selective physics is an open topic, whose task is to increasingly contribute – by finding/constructing/producing mechanisms of the process-  to the creative struggle/co-construction with dynamic processes and phenomena in the world around us.
To be continued of the futuristic divagations after the summer holiday and (I hope so) after the virus war.

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