Beyond DNA of nature of life and universe. 15.a.

Properly directed, programmed infrastructural expansion, education of self-replication systems for the transformation of the environment in which we live, with the systems of which we compete and cooperate, this is the correct approach to all developmental, existential, process, and structural perspectives of the DNA of matter and life, the matter of life, and thus life of matter.
The economics of redemption from the sins of omission in conscious participation, co-responsible participation in ever wider, deeper, and farther spaces of the environment.
Introducing, using, by means of independent, autonomous scientific and production centers, and at the same time raising the civilization level of ordinary consumer economics, … foundations, prisons, monasteries and other non-dependent games with a zero hyperevolutionary score, which so far not only prevented surpassing nature of other systems but led our system to existential collapse.
The prospect of the infinite development of the foundations of science and economy of ours and our environment by the infinite infrastructure of matter and the life of infinite autonomous (natural also) investments with appropriate economic, scientific support – evolutionary new deal.
Specific shaping of communication, IT, transport and production network parks, stimulating for further inspirations, environmental trends, more according to our interests, and not other systems, which is to further influence the properties, i.e., the DNA of further development and existence, back according to the [EskmDAA (DNA)] n > [EskmDAA (DNA)] (n-1).
It is a harnessing, actively drawing oneself into the non-passive antientropic mechanism/model Esk1mDAA> Esk2 …, into other structural, process-related parts of Esk and DAA (DNA) contribute to this game shaping the environment within us and beyond.We should be aware of our involuntary participationincluding the question of active or passive employment in all possible precursors of this structural and process influence.
They will be the next generation driving workshop. They are supposed to, they are to become the next link in the direction of neo-creationism, neo-perspectives of life and the matter of science and economyit is a guarantor … for innovation by science, economy, social and political matters
Reinfrastructure for everyone, not only passive but active participation in real programming, future startups, hyperevolutionary ones, which will certainly have a potential influence on the evolutionary shaping of the direct DNA of matter and life.It will force and encourage against evolutionary ambivalence – not primitive wealth, poverty in the evolutionary cage of our system among others in us and beyond. Still, the direction of evolutionary and existential respect will be the driving force of real civilization development.
Yes, it is about concrete effectiveness for the realization of existential goals, the foundations of our functioning, and not about the very development of the DNA of this existentialism, but no more so entropic in favor of other systems, models, so that less and less entropically primitive in interpretation – more and more beyond Newton’s, Einstein’s and others entropic models.
Why am I writing these articles? For the sake of curiosity, the development of science, economy? It is primarily about raising the level of existential security by properly expanding the platform for the development of science and the economy.
Schools, monasteries, and prisons are to become no longer retrospective relics of social development relations but catapults to new economic and scientific perspectives of our globe and much further. Just like nuclear institutes as primary foundations for the development of science and … economics, as decision-makers of productive energy and material infrastructure for the infrastructure environment (DNA). Not so scientific or classical economic, but more social, religious … research, prepared for the physical, psychological “m” infinite productive potential …
So these are open proposals, open suggestions for further work, and specific actions. The aim is to provoke, develop interference, interact with the natural infrastructure, and impose our own artificial infrastructure of the micro-macro space processes. The same maximally powerful and productively autonomous expansion of a specific structure, environmental / hyperevolutionary energetically, materially dam -enterprise in … any place, is to provoke the imposition of directions of transformations of the environment, and its properties (DNA) in us and beyond.
These arbitrary places are primarily infrastructural, economic, resource, organizational, giant planetary, between planetary new deals investment niches, which are to involve changing the existing laws, relations, singularizing the existing systems, processes, structures according to our neo-evolutionary machine for the physical, biological changes of each encountered system of relations and laws.
The developed system of relations of structures and processes at a given level, space, size currently determines some laws and definitions of processing, structuring the DNA of matter and life of stars … and us.
Selective Efficiency / Economics Esk is in fact the vanity Efficiency / Economics of Ev, but Esk= Ev(n + 1) always comes from the previous primary Esk / Ev but always potentially more powerful, initiating, steered more than the primary, and again may be the new primary model, the platform for the next Esk models and processes.
It is a form of teleportation, moving to the same or more places.Or rather, a shift, shift, flow, replacement of a given system, by means of which our interesting activities, functions from the environment a to the environment b, it can be artificial or natural, i.e., without our interference but with the interference of other systems. We can, of course, take part in these shifts and flows of the environment as consciously as possible, in a consciously developed infrastructure, information, economy, and science. It can be at the minimum – one in the other – distance and at a longer distance; it can be fast at speed faster than light and slower. The traditional approach to time and other laws undergoes further artificial or natural mutations.Esk is this teleporting hyper evolutionary system of displacement, transformation in this infinite market graph of the systems environment and infinite infrastructure m.
To be continued.

Changing the DNA of equilibrium of matter (and) life laws and rights gives new hope and perspectives for humanity, science, and economy. 14.d.

We are talking about a specific physical entanglement of transmitting a copy of infrastructural teleportation, quantum entanglement to the deepest, farthest spaces, influencing in infinite time and space, potentially infinite infrastructural “m” on mass transformations, trends, and impulses that interest us;
artificial entanglement on the remote autonomous influence on the DNA of the external and internal environment.
Artificial infrastructural entanglement is the higher, smaller, larger, more and more intervening in the structures, processes of other systems of nature, blocks, EskmDAA stages 1, 2, 3 …, their further improvement, copying, as well as their transformation according to an appropriate program, more or less autonomously cultivated, produced by more or less directly formed industrial and tool teams, only simply by more and more not direct manual action. As it resulted from civilizational artificial and natural evolutionary tendencies, it influences infinite DNA models for behavior in the domino process of life (…living) matter …
Entlangment is a specific form of transmission, mutual influence of information, orders, commands on the future, further ominous invisible DNA of the environment system in more or less mutually consistent or contradictory with ours in us and beyond.

Infrastructural teleportation, i.e., an artificial entanglement, which may more or less influence the further modeling of the more or less direct DNA of the environment, of every system, in every distance, quantity, depth in the process of evolving, dominating, as a result of the domino process, where the given reworked autonomic systems further programmed development and intervention trends, transforming the environment appropriate for our scientific and economic interests. Because the interests of our existence depend on the level of the responsibly interactive process and structural commitment, which is on a scale that surpasses the current equilibrium of the existing laws of physics, biology … religion, so it is planetary engineering, engineering of the micro-macro cosmos of matter and life, mass and energy, establishing a new land, DNA that is very massive infrastructural colonization of processes and structure of any encountered system within the framework of economic/evolutionary exchange.

Entlanament in the triangular process of accelerating the transformation of entry to the deeper structures of EvmDNA as, among others, a-m of EskmDAA. Inclusion in this process of more or less further infrastructure teleportation of DNA / DAA.

Equilibrium of the current, hitherto potential, perception of acquisition, exploitation, transformation, total restructuring, total reprocessing of resources [e.g., from coal to uranium … and further …?] Through our civilization, as well as other systems {including viral systems, stars, some elementary vortices of their physical, biological DNA … and further DAA} at a given level of development, evolution, defined by the existing (some-or perhaps most- describe these models as unique and absolute) patterns, models of science and economy and ..religion.

Equilibrium EvmDNA, but each decisive breakdown of this specific infrastructural balance of strength will be its breaking, the release of the forceps of the hitherto primitive system of relations, models showing that we or the stars cannot do more, that we cannot do so much, much more. We, stars, and light can do much more. It is a matter of systematically working out an environment for his new DNA, for our new DNA of the matter of life; for ever higher a-m from Esk (new) mDAA {where the new m is from EvmDNA, where the DNA is c2, but further multiply by a-m = EskmDAA} equilibrium of life and matter of us and … stars.
The infinity of m potential completely relativizes any relations and systems to an infinite and total degree. The question is to what extent our civilization and strategic system, and to what extent will other systems have an impact on the evolution of this infinite infrastructural potential “m”. The question of the directions of ever deeper exploitation, the transformation of this ever new amaterial and further aDNA, DAA of mass, energy, matter, life … their efficiency economics, the effectiveness of Ev <Esk … and so on in this triangular system of relations between threats and opportunities.

We are talking about working out, exploiting, investing possibly more and more industrial (as it happens and occurs in the mechanisms of nature, systems around and in us) into the next higher [or lower if our actions are ambivalent in this hyperevolutionary process, the process of selective economics of evolutionary trends] level equilibrium of a specific balance of exploitation.
Yes. Breaking this equilibrium through more and more powerful and precise exploitation to ever deeper structures, environmental foundations of the DNA of this equilibrium, more and more internal synapses of processing, structuring, and thus further stimulation of the innovation fronts of science, economic activity, new civilizational perspectives of infinite infrastructural m.

To be continued for the prospects for a new order, awakening new hopes and development tools for everyone, for the environment in the macro-and microcosmic approach.

Teleportation as DNAtools of matter of life…14.c.

intervention in DNA of mass
..conquest of mass …- particle renaissance
Esk = (EvmDNA)DAA- no longer DNA (c) 2!
the release of additional energies, structures, matter processes … matter of mass – a-m ever deeper layers
… as a positive civilization tendency, always in taking over areas, determining the assumption of competence, responsibility and establishing rights/laws literally and figuratively, in setting trends – the issue here is speed, depth determined by the percentage of commitment, and investment in a mega industrial park for/of this civilization acceleration, physical, biological, DNA acceleration of matter/a-matter, a-DNA/DAA.
Just as from thousands of years ago it was a distant cosmos, the landing of a man on the moon, so today he conquers galaxies, black holes, controlling cosmic and microcosmic evolution in degrees unimaginable for us, but always according to the scheme of the mechanism described by me, possibilities … .the issue of commitment, acceleration, and hence the time to achieve these or other goals .. always at the moment not achievable as in any planned ambitious project. It is more ambitious than surrendering to the established laws of physical and biological evolution – the ambition of self-established own rights of evolution, directing evolution as a basis for development, strategies of any more ambitious scientific and economic transformations of the DNA of this environment.

Building, enlarging the civilization of the micro macrocosm always with the increased potential of the effects of effects through the expansion in any space, depth of action,
increasing the share of redemption by engaging in investing, operating on ever deeper and higher ceilings … mega-production, e.g., direct planetary, cellular, nuclear engineering … but not on existing laws, relations, but that they would have more in specific, designated directions, layers, at an ever-higher level of intervention … because it is the basic factor of any life, supporting that life, its development.

Being active, not blind, not deaf, being less blind, less deaf to environmental, evolutionary systems … not to be crushed by passivity by enslavement – not blindly – because even a super rocket with a blind pilot will be degradation and not an affiliation of the development of positive environment DNA tendencies more according to ours dreams.

Ev scientific, economic – treating the environment as a simple mass of a given simple ceiling achieved perceptually, technologically, literally, and figuratively.
Ev “influences” matter, and Esk influences a-matter.
Ev is practically anti economical in hyperevolutionary efficiency – a simple evolutionary lack of gigantic initiatives, changes by enterprises on our part, interested parties, entities of the internal and external environment.
Esk is a contradiction of Ev; it is a stimulation of the efficiency of gigantic/automatism, the autonomy of the industry of whole/wider parts of the DNA/DAA environment, etc.

Conquering, colonizing, taking over structurally deeper areas at the industrial, permanent, autonomous level … a specific extension of the infrastructure synaptic connection, allowing for increasing the decision-making potential, artificial, directly neo-creative, neo-evolutionary, neo-material, neo-energetic, neo-mass.
A-matter means neomass, neo-mass phenomena, gravitational relativization in a literal and figurative sense, i.e., the revitalization of any factor along the way that positively or negatively affects our current activities, as well as life, material, economic, scientific, social, and moral trends, religious, that is, mutual responsibility that establishes a given total position with the forces of nature (other systems) in us and beyond.

You can optionally present the process, the structure that determines the DNA of trends in nature: internal, external systems influencing our system, in a scheme of building higher and higher from more and more steps of the block stairs. The placement of each subsequent block, step up, down, in size, precision, quantity, will depend on the internal movements in the cell of the block of each preceding higher step.
These internal movements, investments, initiatives are aimed at hyperevolutionary investments, have the character of selective economics relevant to raising grades, adding grades of hyperevolutionary blocks, for which consumption or pseudo-investment activities will not have a significant civilizing significance, reinforcing and securing significance. If so, just inspirational, pure affirmation of the life of pride, using the benefits of the past, which is also some part of life, but not survival, in a network of systems, trends, which every second and micro space, slack, will be used to win at our expense.
We just have to shift the directions of action from Ev to Esk, according to the quantum entanglement process at a mostly autonomous infrastructure level.

To be continued with the open thesis of matter of life…

Acquiring the DNA of space, areas of reinfrastructure impacts through total mass reconstruction, and technological innovation – supported by an autonomous park of automation and information technology, as well as human responsibility and innovation. 14.b.

The responsibility for controlling the physical and biological evolutionary process is nothing but real ecology. And not a primitive blocking or ignoring the environmental potential in which we live and co-create with our existence, with more or less responsibility, i.e., with efficiency, the standard of living, existence, and development of us and our environment.

We are talking about infrastructural development, mass economic, scientific, technological, and not only juggling the existing infrastructural or … musical arsenal, not retroactive pseudo-ecological, but additional built-up and massive infrastructural mass safeguards against collapse, evolutionary material, biological – just against entropy, but already not ecological.

By creating a peculiar double of infrastructural embryos … children, services for acquiring more and more competencies…
The greater the structurally larger infrastructure, the greater the right chance of the denominator-multiplier potential to influence DNA matter, biology … DNA hyperphysical mass/gravity.
Developed according to innovation, the DAA (dynamic administration Activity) organization towards Esk efficiency (selective economics, efficiency) of the infrastructural “m” / “mass of matter, life, mutual with the new modified DNA / = DAA.

Infrastructural gravity, i.e., changes, the density of changes (specific technological bubbles in a given space of matter/mass)
The greater the infrastructural advantage, growth, and potential towards a given object of interest, the greater the potential of influencing the DNA / DAA of features, e.g., the mass of a given object of interest, its outgrowth, taking over infrastructural responsibility, a kind of increased gravity control of events.

It is about coming out of the infrastructural, perceptual bubbles of matter and life by literally occupying some technological areas towards the micro-macro cosmic. As it was and is happening in the civilization process, our civilization and the civilization of other systems more or less known to us, such as viruses and other physical, chemical, and biological micro-cosmic systems. The issue of controlling the acceleration of this process of gaining areas beyond the scope of our technological and mental perception with the present technological attitude and faith.
We also need more and more powerful attacks, interference in biological, physical, and environmentally purposeful structures, and not environmentally ambivalent in the standard process of consumerism, for which nature is a god that paralyzes any decisive initiative of exploration, the transformation that will dissolve or become just underestimated, partner, a competitor in shaping and influencing, elaborating on the economy selectively known and unfamiliar structures and processes, which have a significant impact, have an influence on the co-responsible transformations of the infinite “m” hyper evolutionary environment to an infinite degree. These behaviors are antientropic behaviors that refute all entropic absolute laws and barriers defined by faith / = responsibility (or rather lack of this belief) and science.
It is an activity related to taking over, exploring, rebuilding new further deeper areas, which are as if beyond the reach of our shell, banks of technological thinking and acting.
It was about developing a mechanism of a specific automatic acceleration of this process of coming out of collapse, infrastructural/technological, and mental depression to achieve more than before the biological, physical, micro-macro cosmic potential of our civilization in relation to the tendencies of systems of other civilization / other environmental DNA that affect tendencies, as if external, influencing our existential and developmental processes.

This is how it is producing a matter that will follow our trends of business and development.
It is a movement for the process of constant tool acceleration, measures for anti-entropic actions, behaviors, phenomena. It is making your own gene / a-gene, a-DNA
A-DNA that can be drawn into the appropriate scientific, economic, social, and moral component.
Working out this mechanism of a-matter, working out can be felt in reconstructing these initiators, hyperevolutionary and hyperevolutionary mechanisms.

It is more than the goal of absolute growth and application proposals, of elaborating these proposals.
Developing a specific awareness, reflexes from using these propositions, further searches, applications, as if despite the tendency, the habit of the DNA of the environment, seemingly beyond our control.

To be continued with.. infrastructural DNA quantum entlangament view of co-evolution of (a)matter and life.

EvmDNA <Esk (EvmDNA) DAA = a-m. A-m agravitational particle of the Renaissance – towards infrastructural gravity controlling the tendencies of processes/structures of matter and life. A-DNA / = antientropic redemption incubators. 14.a.

It is about the real intensive economy of the hyperevolutionary efficiency of the matter of life. The economics of productivity, but the crucial one against the contempt of life, against entropy … because entropy is the contempt of life. So it is about exploiting the growth potential, productivity efficiency.
The production increased in the exploitation of the infinite potential inherent in the infrastructural “m” and appropriately limited, managed, also developed according to the developing trends of the existing systems of steering the efficiency of control of the program Ev DNA. As if the antientropic exit from this closed circle of the shortage effect EvmDNA, and for Esk = am DAA, where am is the whole EvmDNA, but already processed, antientropic … a specific form of amaterial phenomena – it does not have to be antimatter, although it can sometimes have signs antimatter as an element bringing changes while breaking the existing entropic barriers.

The scope of competencies – being developed – entitles to establishing further laws, to the extent that they comply with the developed competence park, further expansion, the existence of life and matter will be determined to such an extent.
EskmDAA or rather m to DAA and DAA to Esk this clock directional mechanism gives a potential (and not a guarantee – this potential must be constantly worked out, improved) to overcome barriers…
forcing and growing to break the speeds of cosmic “gravitational” matter and life – singularizations on a given developed level of this gravity and other possibly inhibiting phenomena, processes.
A specific overtaking, leading to a transition to further EskmDAA solstices or the efficiency of a-m
EskmDAA = a-m agravitational – a new singularity …

Production of technological amaterial bases for overcoming addictions of a given level of evolutionary biological material DNA.

There is a need to break away from the fatalistic, entropic approach to civilization perspectives for each individual, and vice versa, from the antientropic perspectives of each individual to the civilization perspectives.

There is a need for a powerful society, independent from the entropic economy and science … for a support society, bypass, which would be this amaterial developing despite the matter perceived and processed today. The matter that would be singularized to, thanks to the new scientific policy, economic amatter is the massive and fundamental reconstruction of material and physical relations so far.

There is a need for powerful self-driving, self-sufficient investment and production, and possibly an independent staff that is completely working out new niches, that is, this a-matter.

To such a staff of hyperevolutionary redemption, above the mainstream of the existing entropic system (in relation to infinitely more powerful tendencies, processes, micro and macro structures of the cosmos), social, economic, scientific, and civilizational relations can be… self-employed

  • prisoners in a specific way mentally detached from modern economic and social systems, fully determined, able to redeem themselves in the process of total commitment to change the environment, independent of classical social-economic relations,
    Determined scientists, entrepreneurs, and autonomous institutes to produce a new socio-productive attitude on a total scale of the processing park, deeper and deeper elementary particles of matter and life on earth and beyond in the macro and micro version.

The task of this autonomic staff is to be … simply a clean accelerator of this reconstruction accelerator for … reconstruction, for more and more precise and efficient processing tools, participation in the processing of the material, biological environment in the macro and micro scale, using the macro and micro scale and vice versa. It is a question of the directions of the possibilities of the secondary modeling at further stages of this regeneration, hyperevolution, and the neocreation of matter and life, and not to its passive adaptation.

Peculiar labor camps, laboratories, prisons, autonomous institutes can focus … and redeem us on this accelerator of EvmDNA conversion to “m a-m” created by them in the environment for this m in EskmDAA
Infrastructural heading to in, out
Scientific and economic development attitude for … existence and in competition with other systems …
This model carries a risk, but being a flock in the hands of other Ev / Esk systems does not give a better alternative to existence,… Faith supported by action is the right response, responsibility, and further competence, infrastructure for salvation … from the entropy of matter and life in our earned range of influences, environment.

To be continued with the open concepts for matter and life.

“Arbeit Macht Frei”, or the economic singularization out of our dependence, out from our subordination to the relations of matter and life in the process of artificial evolution/hyper evolution / mega-production.13.b.

Further provocative/inspiring endless searches, tearing by ways of liberating oneself from the current DNA of relations between material, biological systems through the production, re/neo/processing of these relations, through more active, ever deeper, systematic participation in this process, through the creation of a-mater by EskmDAA, where the classical material processes “m” they are “hidden/devoured, neutralized -singularity between Esk and/by DAA, and where a-matter a-m is the EskmDAA, and where later a-matter a-m will be again ordinary matter in the next stages of EskmDAA processing.

A-matter may be anti-matter, but it is generally about a non-classical approach to matter defined so far -newly discovered, newly created structures of processes influencing at a given level of perception, production development,
created by work that makes it free, free from the previous, seemingly, could be a closed, permanent system of dependence, an evolutionary / hyper-evolutionary enslavement that does not allow, does not give a chance to achieve seemingly impossible goals with a modern evolutionary, economic and scientific attitude.

A-matter is anti-entropic in nature. It gives a chance for development, not degradation according to the classical approaches of physics. A-matter is of an economic, hyperevolutionary nature, going beyond the scope of the achievements and barriers to date. It is a mega-productive influence on the generation of new mega-branches of artificial evolution, own branches of the evolution of processes, phenomena, physical and biological structures. It is an economic bribe of nature … everything can be bought in/for whole/forever life, any matter, one has to constantly work for it, not wish and complain and succumb. The passive entropy is precisely this hyperevolutionary passivity, entropic passivity; it is simply the entropy of civilization, the entropy of faith, the entropy of the mind, the mutual DNA-chain of mutual entropy enslavement of life and matter.

Yes, intervention, absolutely … just like seasoning a vaccine, breeding … Because everything can be done directly if we want to turn and control the fate of the nature of systems, on physical and biological levels.
In conquering territories literally and figuratively macro-micro-systems of the cosmos.
This is our ability to influence absolutely all processes. The issue of systematic, uncompromising securing the foundations of this development. It is this anti-entropy of selected processes at the expense of the entropy of others.

Antientropy is further very deep and intensive mining and processing.
Infrastructure and energy exploitation efficiency- Esk – economic of hyperevolutionary investments.
And Ev is a given level of extensive mining, entropic consumption infrastructure – evolutionary consumerism.
Antientropy is dynamically variable from the macro base to the microcosmic base, and so on in reverse is aimed at increasing this maneuverability, and entropy is simply a consumer of this process in any vanity direction, which, however, further determines the possible investment activities of this antientropic Esk for his ego
triggering a potential.
Triggering a deeper infrastructural potential with our own interventions on the present, as it is in nature at ever deeper levels of the microcosmos …
And this means that, for example, the potential of stars is not fully used by them and other micro and macro elements of the cosmos. It can be changed, among other things, by our evolutionary participation of EskmDAA interferences.

Antientriopy of stars and animals, human hyperecology.
EvmDNA space stars, atoms do not need to know everything about potential mechanisms. Like our environment, we can add hyperevolutionary building blocks at the same time hyper ecological, supporting selected environmental areas of life and matter.

A lot of support is needed in the form of autonomism, infrastructural automatism m, i.e., neo-infrastructural interventionism in its genesis interior, and non-genesis to overcome the nature of the current infrastructural m and subsequent m levels at different mutual levels EvmDNA to EskmDAA.

The background economics for the new DNA of the internal and external environment/micro and macro of the physical, biological cosmos is not always beneficial for us… …selective economics, the economics of creation, creation, not passive evolution. The economics of shaping evolution rather than being shaped.

We are talking about the entropic process singularity of m in Ev…DNA infrastructure structures for a given next, higher level of the EskmDAA system, where this m is eaten up by the EskmDAA systems, the old (Ev)m(DNA) infrastructure lose their meaning.
Where the previous EvmDNA m structure, the law processes lose their value for the new m, that is, a-m a-matter in the new EskmDAA environment.

More about the math of matter and life next time and…autonomous prisons startpacks for freeing mind and production.

Economics of the growth of potential, participation in the creation, generation of new structures, processes recognized beyond the real technological range. Leaving technological, perceptive, thus also then mental traps too- … 13.a.

… -The mechanism of creation/neo creation Ev/Esk for building the process of the responsibility of creation, i.e., the economization of the efficiency of creating a new, and not waiting, as the basis of the right to life, i.e., without active, non-passive responsibility, one has no right to life. Responsibility in action, not just describing/justifying some perceptual achievements.

We have already come to the basic structures of the creation/neo creation mechanism, i.e., EskmDAA, where the infrastructural m is always a reference to the existing EvmDNA creation/evolution system. Each subsequent EskmDAA that breaks absorbs all previous principles and structures of the entire EvmDNA as “m” given infrastructural matter in the new molding environment, producing trends …
How new matter = amatter (not antimatter), like a hyperevolutionary black hole singularity from a given system of so-called artificial influences, i.e., our system of interests and other systems, as well as other discovered co-decision makers … e.g., in the behavior of muons.

So not waiting, but learning, transferring the disposition of competences through … really worked out production mechanisms of this life mechanism, anti-entropy, crossing the micro-macrocosm of the boundaries of matter and life, including a truly total race to win the death of matter and the life of stars and … people … in changeability capture structures and processes … Emc2, DNA, masses …
through transformations in the generated variable “cheated” physical and chemical environment through specific gadgets, technological production tricks, such as flying despite being heavier, such hyper-technological evolutionary budding in absorbing a given EvmDNA system in “m” infrastructural of the new EskmDAA system, which is to be the next m for the new a system of selective, efficient economics regenerating totally hyper productively existing processes, structures, which is to be the next new material for the new, more powerful Esk1mDAA1 system, and so on.

Not locking yourself into technological/scientific/physical, biological phenomena … but like a new generation of planes/rackets, hyper prostheses, being a stepping stone from classic heights, the resistance of our physical/biological, environmental, classically quantifiable potential, which will be here EvmDNA (Ev efficiency, m infrastructure DNA of the environment) – “the m”, but only “the m” to break these cocoons in the next very brave, truly neo-civilization investments, truly creative, really protecting, developing life. Because further creation, the processing is the emanation of life, i.e., responsibility for further fate and processes for further life. Without this responsibility, we have no right to any life or establish any laws and rules.

It’s time to use this mechanism.
This mechanism is simply a total law, a trend to totally change the nature of systems in their race to change in their favor.
By transferring competencies, taking over functions as efficiently as possible. It is about resisting, securing this process of one’s own existence and development to come out in its economy EvEsk on its own … This is the economy of life, nature as a paradigm of any more effective action, process, construction of life and matter … a-matter of life.

Accelerating the process from the split stone age, bronze age, … etc., in an automatic, accelerating, autonomous degree… We only have to control it more and more, making autonomy infrastructure of it, look after it, and so changeably on the ever-higher acceleration level of this increasingly new infrastructure “m” / “am”, a-matter of the next levels of the service technician of Esk1 .. .mDAA1 …

To be continued in the mining, processing of matter for a-matter, i.e., infrastructure anti-entropy of a-m a-matter against the entropy of infrastructural processes of m-matter. The m as an infrastructural challenge of the set of phenomena, processes, structures of matter and life, some human activity, and other systems of the so-called animate and inanimate matter.

What kind of person is he who does not improve the world? Esk = m DAA < Esk1 = m DAA1 <Esk2…, where m =… E=mc2, DNA and other formulas and models of life and matter, technology, physics, biology, economy… 12.l.

Esk < Esk1< Esk2 <… a set of events in higher and lower sets of events, directly and not directly connected, …. are the next cosmic speeds – higher and lower micro-macro cosmic levels of current functioning and mechanisms of their further artificial and natural changes in all variable and unchanging ratios. We are this natural shareholder and at the same time an artificial contribution. We generally know the dependencies in given domains, and it is about comprehensive recognition and influencing, managing incidents, processes, structures in an increasingly mass approach, as in other more or less living, more or less physical, economic systems of interest.

m as a constant, but also as a given variable of the processes / structures so far.
The same pattern of the result, e.g. E = mc2, caused by the influence of a higher level of a kind of different dimension of the pattern absorbing the principles of the former and the latter absorbing may already be variable from the pattern of the further dimension, space, specific technological and organizational speed, i.e. EskmDAA is over m, which is including Emc2 potentially in every variable ratio, because of this overriding EskmDAA, where m is that of Emc2, and then these EskmDAA may be in a further change according to an already later version of EskmDAA1, and so on those EskmDAA1 subordinate further in EskmDAA2, etc where m includes the previous lower all model EskmDAA1 for m
in EskmDAA2.

m contains all the current levels of perception, technology, belief, and models. And Esk and DAA are elementary factors influencing these models, their effectiveness, level of transformation, and their influence on the so-called constant components that change due to the effectiveness of DAA / Esk.

Ev to DNA is a mutual accelerator of infrastructure exploitation, the use of a given m according to the existing Ev / DNA or further m1 according to Esk / DAA, and then m2, accelerating when it comes to the new EvDNA, i.e. EskDAA, i.e. … EvmDNA and then EvEskm1DNADAA and further Ev … m2..DNA ..
inverse of the pattern

Esk affects m, and further through improved technology production on DNADAA, and further literally and figuratively automatically on m and Esk, i.e. more active evolutionarily more responsible Ev … so but always Esk is the initiator.

It is a mechanism of production, technological power, free-market, developmental power.
Lego soldiers, automatic, productive influence on further expansion, maintenance of life, living environment.
Esk DAA as a stimulator of economic expansion,
Esk’s economic expansion for the technological development of its own environment and, in turn, technology for the economic one.

Driving into the environmental infrastructure and its transformation as part of acquiring economic, Esk, living, material, energy space, increasing the ecological service by means of production, for further production …
Create mega-park robotic tools

Construction of mega natural and artificial models in the construction of new organisms, services, engineering of energetic material mining, infrastructure engineering towards micro as an anti-entropic guarantor of biological and material development for increasing the level of existence of the development of factors of matter and life inside and outside us, outside for us, from within and within for external development and so mutually infrastructural.
For this we need the economy and from that the economy will be strong and able to support further development …. Investment economy of models and tools for consumption, a hyperevolutionary economy that raises, directs, serves the vanity economy / Ev, which is to further stimulate this development in such a way.
These mega-investment parks are needed to break through the barriers to existence and development.

By building large models, we can develop expansions to micro-space infrastructure projects …
The bases of these undertakings as embryos of future independent operational, infrastructural teams / supersets of previous absorbed systems m <EvmDNA <EskmDAA <ESk1, <Esk2 …

This is the basic right to accelerate development, that is, life. So we’re talking about the right to life … against stagnation = (self) destruction … against entropy.

It will be continued on entropy, anti-entropy and … what the stars don’t need to know and apply, and we can.

Processing of m “fixed” values ​​of a given bipolar Ev = DNA system. 12.k.

Further searches, indicating paths to break out of a given system of “unchanging” relations of matter/energy and life.

The basic model of the further course of any further processes and structures and their implications for the current state of material/energy, biological relations depends on the strength of mutual relations in the given spatial systems of influences.

This model indicates perspectives and directions of influencing mutual dependencies. Our position may be properly developed, dependent on the properties, massiveness, size of these relations in a mutual, equal, economic, natural, and artificial exchange system.

The vision-the proposal- of the model in the formation of structures, relations in the environment in us and outside in an open, infinite perspective also has a psychological and political character.
Attitude, defining oneself in the passive or active shaping of one’s own environment in the perspective of the potential of the infinity of magnitude influencing all the properties and phenomena on which we can have an unlimited influence, places us no longer in the position of a vanishing point, but a steering powerhouse, transmitting own competences in ever-increasing values ​​and further and deeper spheres of influence on any course of all phenomena and processes.

It is supposed to be a policy of fighting and working to strengthen one’s position in the living space – in space and time. It is directly influencing the management of further micro and macrocosmic phenomena through internal infrastructural restructuring.

This changes the model of consumerism, the economy of matter, and life. It introduces new issues, approaches to the topic of existence and development, development for existence, existence for development. The Esk of selective, hyperevolutionary, hyper-investment and Ev economics of the vanity of passive, wishful and pending evolution in terms of the classical economy as well as physics, biology, cosmonautics together and separately.

It is about a pattern, a model that would indicate the formation of passive and active dependencies of any process phenomena.

Any pattern is good at determining its position. It depends on the interaction and contribution to this interaction, if we want to maintain even the most static status quo relations.
To what extent this formula will take into account our and other systems’ contribution to keeping us in any position.

Briefly, the size of changes or their absence is directly dependent on the amount of our contribution or the lack of it. And the size depends on the possibilities, abilities, willingness to work out the transmission of our competencies, willingness, mechanics, processing economics, directing us to further infrastructural levels in us and outside, the more inside us, the more outside, the more outside, the more inside us changing mutual mapping on an ever higher, lower level of the structure, us and the processes that interest us, at an ever-faster accelerating pace, as has been and is happening so far. The issue is the right direction, the belief in the purposefulness of managing this process and achieving all goals.

Colonization, infrastructure exploitation … the extraction of patterns, models, and incorporation of this system for one’s own purposes.
Entering the DAA programmer, … a virus forcing cooperation, endless exploitation, strengthening, …, self-current Bigbang in restructuring, exploitation of material, energy, biological and physical micro-macro cosmos.

The actual physical and biological parameters of a given process and structure are irrelevant, but rather its application, depth of exploitation, and processing. Proper interaction with a given infrastructure “m” gives the right results, although the infrastructure data may sometimes be the same according to classical standards. A kind of big bang can emerge from any infrastructure, with its own explosion of growth for a kind of contamination with transformations to other systems.

There is an obvious need to break through micro-cosmic barriers, specific micro-macro-cosmic velocities of the further level of transformation and exploitation.
Infrastructure is needed to break through these barriers and displace them on a mass scale so that these barriers, which in the normal infrastructure resource, would be impenetrable.

So the “m” of a given level is the neutral one, and Esk is the 100% factor of the feedback from DAA, which comes from this transformation of “m” Esk, and further automation of DAA to break through the classic DNA barriers of matter and life.
No models, physical formulas will be absolutely adequate in this system. All of them will have the features of variables in the changing environment of the next internal barriers, neo-infrastructure spaces “m”.
“M” is passive, variable to Esk depending on active DAA feedback.
Ev is a derivative of a given level “m” and its DNA of the evolutionary trend of systems of this “m” environment.
Esk is an expression of influencing the deeper processing of this “m” supporting DAA intervention feedback action.

Esk is an expression of a specific strengthening, ascending, resurrection from a given static, entropic EvmDNA system.

Happy Easter! Happy resurrection of our mind and so responsibility for the future in infinitive degree!

Ev is the evolutionary DNA entropy of stars and life, and Esk is the DAA antientropy of the hyperevolutionary investments of these stars and this life. 12.j.

Nothing is for sure/known – there will never be enough knowledge in planning and shaping your future. Flexibility in predictions, not based on the so-called scientific dogmas models, etc., gives a chance for our survival and development in a changing environment where there will never be finite and absolute knowledge.

Entropy occurs, but only at a given infrastructural level of exploitation. There is no definitive model for determining the environment’s influencing factors at any level, except with a limited, primitive model. Entropy is a passive behavior of a given Ev system, which wears out in the absence of supra-environmental Esk support, infrastructural exploitation into deeper, so-called internal and external areas of a given physical and biological system at some or other levels.

One cannot build economic, ecological, physical, and biological knowledge on too dogmatic assumptions because it can often lead to opposite effects. For example, the Club of Rome report presenting the views of a large group of scientists more than 40 years ago indicated the prospect of catastrophic shortages of energy resources over the top of several decades. However, the real specific entropy of our civilization, as we know is this entropy results more from ecological reasons, i.e., efficiency reasons in maintaining the proper level of the environment and raising it Ev, with the support of appropriate hyperevolutionary, hyper-environmental, hypernatural, hyperproductive investments, and this is due to deeper further infrastructural transformations in the exploitation of the infinite potential of this environment. Infinite potential to increase endlessly material, energy, and biological and cosmic performance in macro and micro versions.

Of course, these transformations are intended to transform the environment, which does not always want, or does not always receive, appropriate incentives for these changes, potentials, directed more according to us, our system, and not only according to of other systems directions. Increasing the features of the processes and structures that interest us. Properties, that is, for example, the DNA of stars, light, given cells, given viruses, through the active participation of these processes, i.e., DAA, through the intensive accelerator of Esk investments, i.e., antentropia – not negtropia- in maintaining or developing a given level of Ev of our life and environment … greater protection of the lives of not only us people but all living creatures that interest us, are close to us.

That is Esk, hyperevolutionary, infrastructure-based hyperevolutionary investments as a remedy for dogmatic entropic scientific, social, and economic Ev.
That is, improving the conditions of the environment, more than nature gives and gave so far.
So we have to be stronger than nature, than god. Yes, because responsibility shapes each item in its environment. As much as you will be involved in its co-formation, you have the rights and the chance to survive and even more. In a responsibility supported by very intense action, it is the basis of any existence and any development. This responsibility defines some foundations of laws, patterns, models of matter, and life for everyone and everything, together and separately.

To be continued deeper and deeper in economical and environmental mechanism with the rEvolution by infrastructural performances E(sk)xploitation of life and matter.