4D launching the steering hyper mega/mass productions/= hyper evolution of patterns, genetics blocks of micro-macro space. 6.e.

The viral war has interrupted a series of articles on determining the strategy of functioning in an infinite world of systems that we should treat more responsibly. I didn’t want to bombard distracting brainstorming suggestions during this viral war. Decision-makers should then focus on this fight and not listen to some more or less futuristic agonizing.
But this war is still going on, and even if it ends, one or another system war with more or less power may wake up again.

Do we draw lessons from this war, conclusions for a more responsible strategy, planning, influencing our own individuality, as well as from the civilization/system position?
Because as we are still going, we are moving more or less consciously, more or less purposefully – or rather without intentionally – on the downward slope of evolution/hyper evolution with our or without our active(or rather passive” ecologic” or anti eco instead of active eco hyper/evolution) participation, in a suicidal (rather systemically blind already established vegetative template development) primitive fatalistic nihilistic economic-religious rush.

Could this viral war wake us up, teach us something? For some changes certainly. But is it enough that this war does not happen again, but in a more destructive dimension as it was with the First / Second World War?

Do we do enough homework from this first global viral war as it was after the first world war?

This is how it was and be with the continuation of the hyper (i.e., not passive approach/strategy of all physical/chemical and biological events) evolutionary race in the micro-macro space … like the further continuation of flights of machines and people into space(x) … but in an increasingly unconditionally mass process (geometric pace of investment development, environmental processing based on hyper ecological principles … i.e., shaping the evolutionary process in the production process, hyperproduction …a real / non-passive hyper / evolutionary responsibility).
Cov system mutation emphasizes the need for proper reorganization of hyper organizational infrastructure, hyperproduction park, infinitely more magnificent than any plans, economic and scientific religious concept … or new post per harbor hyper economic boom hyper infrastructure telecommunication …

It is about increasing … hyper/ecological intelligence by increasing the sense of active responsibility by taking over, overtaking entire systems, processes that we can, we are already striving in ever different strength and configuration
Responsibility intelligence as a technological/economic guarantee … a new quasi-gravitational (extra from nowhere {but from our ingenuity}”4 the” dimensional) force of the key factor of security and development in the internal and external environment of nature’s systems.

So it’s an investment in changing the properties of a set of natural structures by creating our own field, launcher … an artificial big bang … hyper/evolutionary, = mega-production.
Not between alchemically pre neolithic tool and strategically science, but theoretically neolithic and pre neolithic dormant economics, which has the potential of already tool-based neolithic penetration into the change of the genetic property of the entire natural environment at all / towards all levels on a mass/mega-production scale.
These genetic scissors of the two potentials should/must combine, on the one hand, the theoretical neolithic and neolithic production potential, in parallel with the pre neolithic dissection of scientific tool and the other hand, of pre neolithic strategic of production.

Strong steps are needed for this fusion of the potency of the explosion of the hyper neolithic revolution, hyper evolutionary genetic scissors. A scientific production slider initiating a telecommunications controller for layering of multiple processes/levers on a distance in the mass scale of the hyper-natural process, i.e. from our co-responsible participation in the mass (joint) transformation of entire space.

To be continued to more and more responsible and peaceful future enterprises with natural systems.

On arms race of the permanent war of worlds/systems-including system of our civilization. 6.d.

Will the third viral world war induce, force a new forward-looking, totally progressive, and no longer vegetative approach to own position(literally as well), role, opportunities in this micro-macro (nano) cosmonautic permanent war/competitions of physical and biological systems?
Will the situation wake us up to take a more responsible part/action in our environment transformation – not only clumsy passive adaptation to laws of matter…but matter to us?

Winning, struggling with systems, structures, processes of nature is just a constant struggle, constant work. These are ( have to be) brave decisions because only such give us some chances to survive, to live/to safety existence on an ever more and more appropriately developing standard.
This is a kind of mining, processing, folding, distribution on a scale that has to be as massive as possible of the specific mass production, hyper evolution, neolithic processing of the environment on a total scale – so, can it still be called science?
I think so because this science can be used as a kind of mega-production strategy in this co-transformation of the micro-macro cosmos of our near/further environment. That is, a learning/study/science war strategy, competing in absolute, vector processes, total material, and biological changes at every possible scale… We have no other way out on a very active ground/space of competing, accelerating systems.

Is this so-called ordinary production? No, this is a permanently aware/strategically change in the properties of processes, structures of nature, as well as any action. It is about systematizing this hyper neolithic hyper evolution … So it is no longer static establishing of laws, relations or shamanic establishment of rations/absolute relationships but their … change, i.e., mega-production, mega evolution as components of hyper science in accelerating the reconstruction of neo creation of nature.
Science but this militant science, hyper science as a genome accelerating transformations and creating according to our vectors of aspirations and work for protection and development of foundations, a guarantee of our life and its environment/platform.

The virus pandemic makes us more aware of the systematic interaction of matter life processes(systems). In which we want it or not, we need to take a very active non-passive, possibly initiating action for the protection, continuation, and development of our own and not offering ourselves to others. Only such comprehensive actions have a meaning/chance to live. The issue is at what neolithic level, building, achieving higher and higher neolithic buffer levels, entering further neolithic levels are a measure of the hyper evolutionary coefficient of position in the specific evolutionary ladder of a given system, civilization.

The present time has strengthened the position of telecommunications in this, after all, remotely controlled, mutated combat, competition, expansion, protection of such or other micro macrocosm systems, including the system of our civilization and each of us separately.
Telecommunication ( and it’s present/future services, industry…potential) as a key
As a paradigm of mass efficiency, effective processing, automation, multi-mass, the precision of processes deep into and distances of systems, levers, tools, natural devices and devices initiated for hyper evolution, the hyper neolithic revolution of next barriers, development cradles
The crust, cradle from which we leave … or we die literally or figuratively in this reconstruction, breaking the background, crust, laws, genetics, structures, processes using telecommunications leverage of the impact initiative … such a really hyperspace ministry of defense for existence and development of its foundations.

Science (shamanistic) insufficiently supports the development of the “Mechanically/mine/metallurgy” strategy in the production, hyper-neo politically, and exploitably … So you have to … take some money from this old prehistoric department of science and strategy (if ever it was!) On/for this production tool support, organizing it economically appropriately.

This is further carving out a new level of revolutionary Neolithic, a technology production park. After that, science will only chase, build/support further development platforms, and not just attempting to describe {or just fit to} further(or rather present) pre neolithic areas of nature.

Only this extra-produced hyper neolithic environment, industrial park, is to be a further platform for the mega-production science catapult to further buffering life of development existence. And this mechanism is to be worked out for the efficiency of action, not the egocentric, civilizational ego, i.e., contemptuous (ambivalent) for ” dead blocks’ of other systems, expressing through/by this shamanism of the vanity of “modern” but handicapped(by lack of the tools mega-industry) science and economics.

So it is about separating science based on direct interaction with nature as such from a science of transforming nature. Preventing or initiating phenomena through a change of(by) nature/systems by building a platform/catapult to counteract phenomena, and their complementary mastering by changing the entire internal and external environment.

That is, investments in the development of technology at the level of mega mass production towards nano.
Hyper nano of the automatic industry of parks, the environment, a kind of vivid Solaris(S.Lem) hyper neolithic revolution for ever higher degrees of micro-macro decks of life and matter.

Happy Easter! Happy Future!

So. I wish more wins than lost battles on the fronts of the permanent war of systems (worlds).

To be continued to the next fronts of the war of/for life and matter.


Assured shamanism or bold responsibility of interaction with vast systems of life and matter…of existence. 6.c.

Further drafts of inspiration to break free from jamming in the symptomatic establishment of barriers, laws, and existential perspectives. {…open strategies/suggestions for coping with systems of nature….of biological/material existence}

Thus, the strategy of co-responsibility for the continuation or lack of continuity, for managing any processes, structures on their ever deeper decks of so-called laws and properties, is the real potential for our own {working out/by paradigmatic tool of…tools}rights(not any more static laws/barriers) and existential opportunities, for really developmental science, economics, … NASA, etc.

Science, the economics of any modern trends – if they can be called any trends, and if so, they would be more backward trends, consumerist trends. That would have mostly nothing to do with: hypernatural neolithic enterprises/revolutions, sufficiently hyper evolutionary in the entire multi-spatial race of systems, including system as the whole of our humanity, as well as the total individual race … of arms for our existential/developmental position. Without development, one goes backward compared to other systems. This is a feature of systems of life … or rather a healthy function of instinct for survival that needs to cultivate all the time.

This hyper evolutionary race has always been a fight to the death and life. Not taking part in this, i.e., passivity according to the principle. Because one will not win with nature or ambivalence in your assessments, and thus actions (or rather the lack of non-passive activities) against the background of the already established arrangement of “forces/laws” by the human being is 100% suicide … anyway, the majority of people, humanity is already subconsciously focused/submitted on this process of a kind of self-destruction.
– on their own wish… concentrate on this neolithic, hyper evolutionary, and literal suicide by omission. And … the request has been fulfilled, …it can even be accomplished earlier than it seems to us, on our fatalistic (just unresponsible{that not means submission} /shamanic acts to nature processes) wish.

Symptoms/superficialities or prevention. It’s about strategies, science, or rather the tooling of science in the direction of repairing, correcting, interventions, creating on the more and more profound decks of the micro-macro cosmos of matter/biology. That is to remove the symptomatic – specific pre neolithic – character in interaction with so-called environment/nature, for the benefit of an increasingly tool-making, productively with/{sometimes}against systems, processes, structures of macro-micro systems of space/barriers/{or rather}opportunities that stand in our path of existence and development.

Symptom-conscious-unconscious in interaction nature
So it is more or less symptomatic activities. It is about reducing this symptomatic response, acting on further spaces, levels, decks of the hyper evolution of neolithic in physics and biology for transformation or elimination of ever deeper structures/shields/tools of competing systems…
Symptomatic behavior in interaction with nature, its systems, are established laws with which we try to interact somehow. And the reconstruction of processes, structures are aimed at less symptomatic, less “law legal” at a given level of development … that is, a kind of pushing laws, symptoms shaping, influencing (inhibiting) our actions … for a real continuation of our existence development.

As with the invention of the drug and not only vaccines to respond to a given condition, in this case, the disease, with which we want to deal with the increasingly high level properly. The same applies to the “medicine” = tools productions for structural change in the process of selected biological, physical phenomena that would be disturbed as much as possible, or improved as much as possible.

Each improvement is the hyper evolutionary step, as far as vectorially by direction and power will be more effective in the hyper neolithic revolution.
It is about developing strategies in this hyper evolutionary vector action of this … hyper neolithic ax at the technological economic and scientific level …moral political/strategic faith.

It is about noticing the difference between hyper pre neolithic and hyper neolithic hyper evolutionary behavior in their scientific, economic, …, religious work … To what extent in investment = hyper evolutionary/neolithic, and how much consumption (based on passive, conservative behavior/operational – = not sufficiently neo-evolutionary, to threats, resources, opportunities) we will make our strategic and moral, life considerations and conclusions.

Current events in the struggle with some nature(systems) extend, resemble the role of telecommunications as a tool key. This compulsion today will eventually help a leap in the use of telecommunications more massively in the hyper neolithic revolution, telecommunications competition in the processes, structures nature systems control on a scale at least sufficient to at least not lose this race of… life and death.

Yes, telecommunications in controlling all processes, structures, in controlling systems of nature … in fully responsible control of nature, as a paradigm of processing, automation, massiveness, the precision of processes more in-depth/distance of systems, levers, tools, devices for hyper evolution, the hyper neolithic revolution of/beyond next barriers, cradles, developmental crusts.

We always leave some level of the existential developmental shell of physically and mentally found barriers, “laws” … we leave it or die literally or figuratively in this fight/reconstruction the barriers for existence (safeness) development, breaking down the background, the shell of “laws,” of old genetics, structures, processes using just this over/against shell smashed-based telecommunications leverage initiatives hitting (mostly)mentally barriers “invented or created” by consumerism abandonment of hyper evolutionary / = pro-existential investments.

To be continued further to a new model/paradigm, the open law of neo creation/=and existence as the law of responsibility for pro(a)gressive interaction with any processes and structures.

The neo-creative theory of space/=cluster of systems:…we are center/potential of the universe = neo/creation and development of all/life. 6.c.


Further provocative thesis/suggestions of competition of life and matter systems.

Yes, this hyper evolutionary strategy for the development of science, economics is not some realization, static fun, life with a zero result. That where we and nobody would have any strategic impact on our surroundings and our time – it is absolutely not the truth.
No models, arrangements, patterns, relations have and will not have a so-called comfortable, fatalistic, permanent passive settlement.

For every second, a millimeter is our right and duty to fight if we do not want to be dented or scattered into nothingness – of course, if we do not undergo the processes of a kind of erosion of relations, harmful dissolution of ties in which we currently live in a given space and time./
Life and development is an absolute, total hyper evolutionary investment, scientific, mega reconstructive system arms race in which we are, we want to be: an active decision-maker, a …paradigm.

And only in this direction, but not extensive, but very intensive, should focus strategies and actions aimed at very deep, very advanced, mega-production reconstructions of the environment. In this case, not for nihilistic or fatalistic reasons – but for planned life and development, that is to say, to survive, because life without real aggressive growth…of our background is a quick way of going down for our entire civilization.
… as well as the life of each of us and separately (I know, I know that many have bet on man’s loss in fatalistic positioning, submitting to the process of degradation, … .but by the way, expressing himself in the artistic career / = economic / = scientific, having nothing to do with instinct, i.e., life strategy / = development, which is to be inseparable paradigms of determining the position of man/homo sapiens in micro-macro space systems…Doing it cold and hot, i.e., chemically and physically energetically and constructively, for neo handling, neo structuring in as fast as possible, very precise and massive course /way…
Because if not, other systems literally eat us … we must be these increasingly better beavers engineers in this hyper evolutionary, hyper neolithic race of arms at the level, on the macro-cosmic micro-scale,
.. Yes, I know, we can have moments to breathe/relax like children in kindergarten with creative fun(exercise for battle/war of ..worlds/systems) with lego blocks..of/for blocks of life/=of survive … but let us be aware of our responsibility/=only our responsibility for our life = safety and/=+ development, for which we must fight for every second, at any time, every millimeter and every space.
So there is a need for constant modification, mutation of systems of tools, and tools … modern gadgets, devices, these are our contemporary naked(pre stone age/= pre neolithic) hands before the advanced Neolithic level. For which need one for higher and higher generations of tools, their industrial and economic park to become the basis of new generations of scientific development, followed by further generations of tools, and the next generation of transformations in this neolithic hyper evolutionary race.
That is, it means the end of the shamanic, alchemical and pseudo-scientific, pseudo-economic, era- perhaps supported by hyper strategic civilizational and hyper neolithic investments –
but! Here it is more about a real start with a mega-production decisive attitude in competition/fight for death and life with/against other biological and physical systems of the macro microcosmos. Amen.
There is a kind of contradiction here in the strategy of hyper evolution, which speaks of an equal/uneven evolution race of organisms, systems. But in this case, we put this evolutionary strategy upside down, stating that we are strategically and evolutionarily, or slightly hyper creatively, we are the absolute centrum/paradigm … with/by no visible”nowhere” sources(means sources discovered/exploited in/form our infinite innovations, initiatives decks) = 4d changes in the existing/”real” world of the visible, noticeable potential of 3d systems in the world at the same time we have to treat this natural or another 3d world as an equal, not a higher, not worse partner in establishing our divine creative goals, paradigms, i.e., a specific return to the divine, selective role of creation theory in our life/world, in our struggle, competition with other systems.

So, so-called shamanic science and ordinary vanity economy are not aimed at direct hyper evolutionary activities. There is no investment, production, but only symptomatic, side and surrendering interactions, or rather short-term actions in reality -according to the primitive principle that nature one will not change.

The strategy must be changed – philosophy of looking at (hyper) evolution, from passive to no passive, very active, and not ambivalent.
We will always act symptomatically … pre-neolithic on physical or biological issues, at a given level of knowledge. And the point is to go deeper productively into structures. So that these activities are more active on ever deeper layers of systems with which we want or need to interact, supported by proper expanded investments for new decks, levels of the neolithic revolution in the hyper evolutionary competition with other systems.

To be continued about pre neolithic and neolithic attitudes and potential by science and economics to be more creative than evaluative.

Drafts of a permanent, constantly dynamic definition/character of strategy, direction, vectors of actions, production, including involuntary developmental momentum of infinitely neolithic maturing of systems of nature. 6.b.

In a specific and proper effective competition with nature, with nature’s systems (including all potentials and barriers)
– the economy, too) is like with the symptoms of a virus. You can’t stop at all, you shouldn’t be based on some fixed barriers, static models to be bypassed, or acknowledged as not inviolable already at the start,( …unless only at the beginning) in defining any strategy, research, modeling, creation. Some want just to survive -unless temporarily-, but it is going here to construct tools for breaking down existing barriers, structures that are a threat to our existence, or any development of/= the level of this existence … physical, biological … economic …

We rebuild so-called existential and developmental barriers. We rebuild it without looking at nature allows that. Because these are sets of systems (including our system) pushing each other, and sometimes treatment of the symptoms of this or another state alone is not enough to sustain our existence or this level of existence in biological, physical areas … any areas of maintaining or raising levels, chances of life, and survival.

As far as we can eliminate, rebuild these barriers. Of course, not smashing everything (ecology). That of course should not forbid deep fundamental transformations on the level of cells, bacteria, viruses, micro/nano elementary particles on ever-deeper levels of micro and macro spaces of living/not living matter of…science, technology and economics of creation, neo-creation in symbiosis and competition with the systems we encounter we will meet on our always dynamic path of existence and development.

There is a need for strategic, not accidental reaction, initiation, to the world/universe of systems around and in us that also have their constantly developed own strategies of tendency and existence.

Building an anti-barrier, defense system is primarily based on developing an initiative, mega-production strategy. The production of a tool aimed directly at changing the shape of the environment, changing its properties, changing the given systems with which we have, or want to deal with, whole or in part. As it began earlier on, the first decks, the levels of the Neolithic revolution, and which involuntarily takes place with our more or less conscious strategic participation. Which is of great importance. Without a deliberate strategy, our actions will often be contradictory not only to the surrounding specific positive values ​​of the environment but directly to our lives now and later.
It is a permanent, constantly very dynamic definition of strategy, direction, vectors of actions, investments, production, including involuntary developmental momentum of infinitely neolithic maturing of systems of infinite space – the unconditional change of environmental properties, unrestricted creation of anti-barriers, and actions and/or counteractions in constant struggle with very massive and dynamic modifications of relations of micro and macro space … expansion with a real momentum of the system/s(of nature) taking into account this mega dynamic of creation, neo creation of all processes, structures, and their relations and properties.
… And not burying your head in the sand under the pretext of respecting the natural status quo or ambivalent submission, vanity / fatalistic gratification of nature in determining the strategy for the development of economic or scientific relations/actions.

Instead of passively switching to more active, passive activities, doing constructing in a neo-creation, no(/not only)-exploratory exploitation race. It’s about the economics, costs of the process of the hyper evolution of this neo-creation process, of massive neo featuring/”breeding” (of systems/backgrounds) of nature and not(only) its observation/…submission.

From us depends if we will be a boat without oars on the infinity of oceans of the micro-space systems of the cosmos, or a growing vectors decision-maker on the directions of structural and process properties of the environment, in a deeper and longer perspective according to our existential and developmental aspirations of homo-sapiens, no longer pre neolithic at further levels of hyper evolution.

The economic and technological tools of mega-production, i.e., hyper neolithic (r)evolution, have been and will be the only qualitative generators of any processes and structures with which we struggle, which we want to create, co-create, and neo create.

Any operation, biological or physical processing (we are talking here about the specific biology of the evolution of the whole micro-macro space/systems) is consistently persistent in the environment of competing micro space systems, e.g., viruses, as well as in temporary macro space trends of the given space/systems…
because – I speak here about- space (…is) biology is life – any cluster/team, systems, its sustainability, and development depends on constant support, development of process functions, structural existence, and development … also defense by an attack, through own initiatives, own/innovative neo-creative 4d constructions in the area of ​​the existing 3D …

– let explain a bit 4d system-
it is, on the one hand, an initiative …from “nowhere”(very shortly-…our or not explained decks/reasons of any changes)
and on the other it is a composite self -replication/ technological/economic perpetual mobile production of energy, etc. neo-constructive, a system of tools to improve the cost-effective, mega-production interference in transformation, for growing up own competences with/in structures, processes in the environment of systems of the micro-macro cosmos of entire nature…more about the 4d later.

These 4d are nothing more than specific initiations of pro-development existential transformations by catapulting (own local/temporary potential) like a jet, as well as appropriate exploitation more or less with the help of sort of wind/exploatation{more and more efficient and sustainable}, dynamics of transformations, tendencies of space systems. That could be called stairs to our (hyper)evolution, with the highest possible active participation on our part.

It is about determining the direction of development and the smallest possible dependence on other processes that, in competition and tendency, will eventually want to devour/absorb us depending on the situation determined by our strategies or lack of strategy, actions, or lack of proper measures.

This is about catapulting/levering/neo tooling of neo processing, (neo) featuring, neo constructing, neo creating … As it was with cars, planes, rockets, … above sound … the same can be done with light speed and other structural and process properties.

And all this goes to … an ax that will be further made of neo-structural, neo-extra energy, neo-energy, structural, process lever…of real progressive intentions/innovations/aspirations … To create a neo-extra environment for the next generation of neo ax, more precise, more massive energy lever to the next/further hyper evolutionary struggle, and so on in the following performance levels/decks of the neolithic revolution of the new stone ax of neo creation, jointly responsible creation…
To be continued towards the meaning of model of a hyper evolutionary “explosive” 4d ax generic mixture of 2 cores component.

Towards the non-passive dynamics of progressive patterns, models of life systems, and matter/energy… = a momentum of 4d/3d generic zip. 6.a.

Further open (we don’t have to agree – unless we don’t really have a scientific (i.e., shamanic/static attitude) approach to the matter) very drafty/heavy searching/sketches of the production, tool model in relations with systems of… living/dynamic micro-macro cosmos.

My suggestions, proposals have/give a different – a new/futuristic (but we are building the future today) – look, light on the climate, ecological, viral aspects=systems we deal with, to cooperate with, to fight. It will never be some euro(our civilization/science “law”)centric and other centric law-makers of tendencies, which anyway one will have to permanently determine relations of life, matter/energy systems, for which for more positive trends/neo creation/hyper evolution need to be sought all the time in defining scientific, economic and civilization strategies …

The entire modern global operational – production, scientific complex of teams and countries is a maxi hyper version of the evolutionary accelerator of an automatic – manual – economic – religious – scientific-technological 4d model printer, earlier (and later in the future) in my sketched sketches. It is about a multi production of such complex mega-production teams – hyper evolutionary on a hyperproduction, autonomous, automatic scale … like as it was in the trends, history of tool development … development of the neolithic revolution … in this case, a hyper neolithic range for total implementation, transforming all strategic relations, properties, values ​​more or less hitherto shaped by our civilization and … other systems … aspirations that have been wholly despised so far … not treated enough sufficiently and effectively.

It is about further hyper neolithic disintegration of the next evolutionary barriers of hyper evolutionary micro-macro cosmos systems appropriated by shaman scientists. Conquering barriers of systems/systems that… in the end, however, alive -with its constantly changing trends, tendencies … goals, aspirations! – through our work out tools of/by the own 4d system – from “nowhere” tools- on any existing 3d medium, as it was historically, hyper/evolutionary. It is our contribution to this tool production/neolithic evolution for rebuilding the system of barriers, bridges, etc. for us (for our system never closed, never independent of other systems) as current/prevent/initiatory important in terms of strategy and existence as possible.

Hyper neolithic/= hyper evolutionary gradual transformations, tools/devices for creating next more and better tools even more efficiently, and these next generations of tools/automatics repeating even more efficiently but also accelerating this process hyper neolithicaly, hyper evolutionary.

Tools/devices are lever energy – construction – process shifting using less or more energy/material. This is (has not to be)not a passive process of further hyperevolutionary mega-productive mediation = hyper evolutionary in redirecting processes, structures of relations that seem (by modern “strategists”) … almost impossible to move/change.

As it usually takes place in the processes/structures of creation, neo creation … we can simply turn on our process of leverage, tool domino of this hyper evolution on all encountered, emerging processes and structures of micro-macro space systems more or less to do with life processes.
The most efficient system for transforming the exploitation of mega-production of hyper evolution in the domino system should be included … in general, to more and more precise, more in-depth, mass control of these tools of production tools forever, further processing of processes and structures, deciding more and more deeply about processes/structures of life/matter/energy…= light/mass/gravity.

There has never been a need for further … changes – always established{even in dynamic models, but not on our conditions/goals/neolithic production…}, because the mechanism of the system, creation systems, neo creation, hyper evolution, which was and is contradictory to a centrally determined arrangement of some kind already established, has been not seen(unwanted to see), set (very/disregarded) currently on makeshift but eternal models of natural relations, patterns, trends, “laws”.

For the so-called ordinary vanity economy, = shamanic science/=static relations of more or less mutual relations, it is not relevant in playful market relations. Because the hyper evolutionary tools suggested here depict entirely the components of the system that anyway do not directly affect the systems of current irrelevant economic vain relations systems…like the air, or better to say, like a vacuum. The same applies to the entire segments of science and research, where established natural relations were a sufficient object for the action… there is no, and there was no need to invert the established relations of “laws” of nature … “because what is to be embraced in contemporary doctrine economic, scientific, civilization/religious, that’s enough “…more explanations about it later.

There is a need to grow up … productively, technologically, economically, so that science actively reaches structurally, reconstructively deeper neolithic decks, barriers of hyper evolutionary revolution.
As it was in the beginning in a regular neolithic revolution, maturing, i.e., creating parks, tools for the next breakthroughs and making non-pre neolithic decisions and actions, but rather making a neo-neolithic tool, production of toolsets for the construction of subsequent generations of future tools for upcoming generations of decks, barriers of creation, existence, neo creation.

To be continued

The tool definition as a paradigm of hallmarking all structure processes. 5.c.

Continuation of open drafts of creation/(mega)production  – that means-  don’t need to be inviolable to other concepts of matter and life creation and …(co)responsibility.

If we can often negatively affect the systems of nature -including climate – and the systems, including virus systems, so affects us. We can also continue to be aware of these dependencies and also more consciously influence not only neutrally but even actively, also contributing positive(for us changes in nature, systems of nature … it’s about working out mechanisms, tools, strategies, just work, ideas, effort in the chosen directions and vectors of influencing these systems of nature … it’s about working on tools, devices, … it’s just about productions, in this case, mega productions, which has a hyper evolutionary impact on the shaping of directions, vectors, trends, process tendencies in interaction with other systems of nature … using the tool/neolithic theory/definition (timeless in reaching the next stages of levels of exploitation, non-passive interactions with/for the next achieved, acquired, systems, barriers of nature – active shaping of tool theory/practice, incl also shaping …- there is no metaphor here in the following examples – light-speed values/properties …… direct star wars (arms race) at the micro-cosmic level (in this case) … viral … .cosmic macro (climate-global and beyond)too.

What counts here in this process of hyper neolithic evolution is only purposefulness, responsibility, not “laws”/=barriers. Still, the elaborated, produced rights that were, are, and will be these paradigms of the miracle of creation, neo creation … from nowhere.
The from nowhere that is we. We are (jointly) responsible and full-fledged factors influencing any processes of change structure, properties, features.
Our active activities, influence, not establishing some “laws”.
Responsible science, and not some chance, is a science aiming at a tool-based active, non-passive approach to phenomena, features, and … “laws” of nature’s systems.
We, our thoughts, responsibility/=love for the environment covered by activity, not shamanism/praying without (fully responsible)action, are absolutely inherently inseparable factors of any natural features that we have, we are forced to and want to have something to do.
Only our very active initiative can effectively resonate with any biological and physical processes of nature.

Here, the tool definition becomes the absolute paradigm of all creation and creation.

It is a paradigm of hallmarking all structure processes.
The issue of drawing responsible conclusions, no longer scholastic, shamanic, religious, theoretical, but extending to practice non-passive participation in all creations, gravitational activities. That are no longer relativistically at a given level of procedure, but relativistically following our gravitational, resonating/=shaping events, affecting all further processes, structures … creation …. according to our developed production tools in the further process of forging into structures, processes of micro-macro systems of the cosmos of nature …of their values ​​and properties in the absolute trend of creation shaped by these our hyper evolutionary, hyper neolithic, selective economics tool/vectors already above … laws, barriers of modern science, economics … like an icebreaker crushing the chains of ice of existence and development, in this case, the only and our (really deserved{ing}/worked{ing} out)law/=right to absolute law … rights to the law of (neo)creation.

Creation rights from own produced, elaborated background, initiation environment, creation/shaping, development/working out of new levers, tools of hyper neolithic, hyper evolutionary, hyper economic (selective economics) mega-production park, i.e., for further more accessible production, initiation, neo creation, hyper evolving, actions exploitation, neo-construction, repair …A big bang explosion of/on its own biological and physical properties … that is, it is more comfortable to compete on its own foundations, platforms than on uncertain grounds … or “certain” on those specific already established “laws”/=barriers.
Hyper tool definition refutes all existing theories and scientific laws. Moving them to the level of a temporary, passive inhibitory, barrier, not creative, it does not mean that it is invalid, but not decisive about the direction of speed, massive development of existence/creation. Here, we and our evolved, manufactured tools become paradigms/vectors of any arrangements, preferences, creations, neo creation, evolution, hyper evolution, mega-production, economics, life, …,

Creating our own field, our own singularity … your own big bang increasing the potential of, among others, economic, technological, creative, neo-creative, hyper evolution, (selective) economics, among others to overcome climatic, health, cosmic … physical factors … among others for permanent production of the basis for automatic production(…automatic creation) of increasingly powerful temperature and plasma accelerators and so further generating evolution, material, and biological hyper evolution … own elementary particles, own new foundations of life and permanence of the system, its support, and development.

To be continued to “pandemic” mechanism awareness attitude to creation/action/contraction of systems.

Towards generic initiation/mega-production strategic code zip transformation. 5.b.

Can we outdo nature=other systems of nature …by tools/device definition and definition of homo sapiens? Of course, yes. How there are different ways of our system and other systems to …change the nature, to use the tools? So I going further delve into this problem.

The importance of directionality (hyper) evolution, (mega) production from 3d to 4d … i.e., usually 3 dimension investments for the growth of 4dimension modeling (as if from outside the system), and which will further affect the effects of 3d investment … i.e., the production of tools for material/proprietary transformation, constructional, process-based to increase the power/readiness for further production for acceleration, gradual, efficient, shifting (hyper)evolutionary, (hyper)neolithic level.
And vice versa from 4d to 3d and blindness/ambivalent ness of hyper evolutionary strategy production classic economy and awareness of selective economics/economy=mega-production=hyper evolutionary production.

The so-called dynamic construction of nature, any processes, structures, relationships, laws, properties has a surprising picture, the basis as the simplicity of the lever mechanism of creation, neo-creation, as well as the tools – from nowhere leverage initiative – with 4d effort to transform the existing state of “laws” at given levels, intersections of the observed, perceived image of ordinary 3d space.

Here, the ego-theories of the law of shamanic science, based on “achievements” and defining the absolute statutes/laws of the image of the world, of nature as a kind of distinct/natural process of perception and action (which in reality is only a reference at a given level of development) are rejected.

This peculiar opposite of fatalistic statuses is perhaps not the liquidation of science as such, but the dependence of its potential on instrumentation. That is, learning to operate on deeper higher and more massive decks, levels of perception. According to a very powerful tools production/mega-production aimed at a simple, absolute change of the environment (selected segments), ruthless competition with natural systems, with nature for own position … robust investments, massive mega-production activities aimed at civilizing science from alchemical, mystical, theoretical … and its support with an ever more powerful, apparatus, buffering, vectoring strategy processes that interest us not only here and now, but in the future …
-the strategy so far rejected as unnecessary, hopeless, contrary to the existing divine state/= laws of nature … = positioning man to an ambivalent philosophical point based on “laws” – in reality, human deprived of all rights to nature … which is contrary to the principles of homo sapiens and the tenets of evolutionism, but also in fact opposed to the divine laws of man – not as an object – at the same time … incapacitating/enslaving us in processes, structures constitutionally.

Of course, science will always have a shamanic character at a given level of creative initiative, or rather the lack of it( lack of any {of hyper: natural/evolutionary/neolithically}initiative). Only on furthermore active/non-passive, permanent interactions on deeper and deeper levels of intentional intervention, the development will we call it the science of action, the science of creation, neo creation, continually fought, worked out, produced hyper evolutionarily, constructed own rights, and not praying to self-building walls of absolute glass horizon/laws of (not)possibility and perception.

Unconditional automatic, mass, hyper telecommunications
[because let’s forget about the model of hand-made production – a contemporary epidemic crisis may convince/eventually force remote control system economy/production improvement, accelerating the process in this competition/hyper evolutionary war – finally abandoning the pseudo-submission/or ambivalent/= passive strategy of Adhoc thinking system and activities in the sphere of science and economy(ics)] production. In favor of own modeling environment, tool/devices parks,(for) hyper industrial tooling, technological background, hyperphysical, hyper biological, structural complex(s), corporation of Perpetuum mobile of hyper evolutionary/hyper neolithic enterprises, in an increasingly mobile flexible version for acquisition, supporting the construction of processes of interest to us or/and overtaking them. Until now, it has not been and was not even a substitute for the purposefulness of our existence and real development but only Adhoc maintaining( {hyper} evolutionary) meaningless pre neolithic actions.

Yes, this is creating your own big bang.
It does not matter from what size … Only pure leverage, zero-one, hyper evolutionary, hyper neolithic system towards macro-structural, production, strategic investment plans, and changes.

There are two parallel systems. Our and natural-or rather an infinite number of systems and interests. But ours must be the additional (and decisive) system. The system is a team of leverage{tools/devices} initiatives, transformations in this total race, let’s forget about thoughtless/”law” established malfunctioning to some illusory model of nature – but an infinite, often contradictory, very dynamic set of lever systems of systems.

Yes it is like the competition of more or less natural factories … the cell … with its generic initiation/mega-production strategic code zip transformation (about this mega-production zip model a little later)
As if it were- it is- the arms race, building the expansion of total mass production … for the production itself … of tools … hyper evolutionary, hyper neolithic.

The need for an economic/mega-production strategy – which is to change our subordinate/or blind/suicidal mentality on this arms race … hyper corporative, hyper telecommunicative, hyper applicative on a global, micro, and macro space scale.

Yes, this is a mega-production of factory tools for the production of the next factory tools for further, more massive production/=transforming nature – yes, nature … its leverage foundation systems of copying, mapping, correcting, replacing, repairing, creating new structures/processes.
And this is the strategy, mechanism, definition of creation, neo-creation, the paradigm of science, and developmental economics … no longer neutral for processes and structures of systems of nature … Competitive, competitive, jointly responsible even in the competition of vanity economics, evolutionary economics, but of course, above all, like hyper evolutionary selective economics.

We (scientists/strategists) see perceptually but (for lack of tools we undertake other strategies, “laws,” theories, actions … further at a pre-neolithic level generally)
There is a lack of tools, the production of tools for what we see or would see and not {re}act passively, for this service …of life and matter … The perceptual advantage over the tool/device, but the tool advantage will be from its definition (extended definition,
the function of the instrument) [for] surpassing what we see/…thus would like/will act…

To be continued

The mega-production strategy of the industrial/hyper neolithic (r)evolution, hyper evolution, is to be the main task of science/economy in conquering the next barriers. 5.a.

Continuation of sketches of the tool mechanism of winning a creative race, neo-creative chasing, development, taking over structures, processes, energy level – as … a paradigm of the mobile definition of all phenomena.

Tool hyper competence/feature mechanism for winning the structural-process-energy hyper evolutionary race.
Its economic nature of reducing the costs of gigantic processing of hyperproduction, use of resources, time to income/recovery in this process …in this hyper neolithic process of the hyper evolutionary race of artificial evolution. Where this factor initiates this supernatural (above the systems that surround us from within and beyond) from nowhere is an invention, love=in taking responsibility/= property, practically the property of the area of ​​this love/desire… strength/factor/ .. coefficient … “from nowhere faith … area ownership, for which we [have to] take – whether we want it or not- responsibility and … tools, materials, and initiative to fulfill this responsibility with action, but not on a passive, not ambivalent, not ad hoc, not ignorant, not ego(homo)centric, total takeover scale, interference in all areas of our current and future further any continuity of existence.

Any inhibitions/failure in co-directing our present, future in the geometrically increasing range of our intervention in the micro-macro of the cosmos, diminish our existential position and chances of life, survival, development.

For this, one needs specific, decisive actions to free one from the contemporary backyard of uncoordinated, submissive/creatively ignorant fun stage of discovery and business.
The need for awareness and further development of a technological and economical tool/lever mechanism of taking over/chasing: hyper competence, hyper features, hyper/evolutionary structural-process-energy.

Of course, this hyper evolutionary mechanism can work with ours or without our participation – with the involvement of other more or less known or unknown systems of nature. Our interest is to engage as actively as possible in the process of the mechanism of structural changes at deepest as possible levels, further decks as possible by all possible massive operational/engineering of physical, biological, energy structural-processes.

The process of improving production tools gives structural and process advantage in ever-deeper processes structures … It’s about accelerating this process,… Developing acceleration of this acceleration mechanism on our part for our/by our aspirations but not desire/goals of other systems, trends of the nature, where we are, or at least we should be equal members. In essence, we should use this natural/divine membership with dignity not as a small irresponsible child but as a fully grown-up person, i.e., a responsible person/civilization.

The mega-production strategy of these tools of the industrial/hyper neolithic (r)evolution, hyper evolution, is to be the main task of science in conquering the next barriers, [not “laws”] rights in establishing .. for the further level of levers development, their -levers-rights … = the next developed, changed, evaluated, …remade rights”laws” of processes/structures of nature=remade structures/processes of the nature…this is an entirely different philosophy of science…religion=our positions, responsibility…our future.

Yes, it is gardening, modeling nature on a total, massive scale – because that’s the only way we can stay afloat (alive).
Only by the strength of God’s love/=responsibility can be achieved anything. Strength-based on responsibility – the higher it is, the greater its influence. Of course, trust supported only by technological and economic supportive power, shifting the periphery of cognition, and further processing, creation, and neo creation.

Unity of goals is a considerable power – i.e., not vanity … economy, not ad hoc discovery …
But constantly developing additional supportive platforms, catapults for strengthening hyper evolutionary, hyper-neolithic advantage in strictly selected directions.

This power of God’s love, i.e., taking full responsibility for literally and figuratively shifting environments at the macro and macrocosmic levels, makes everything possible and that we can develop at all.
We can start with mega-production (automatic/remote control- for telecommunication training. Also, by/for microcosmos scale) models on a macrocosmic level, for example, on the moon. That can have a decisive impact on the modeling of microcosmic spaces.

It is a strategy … of mercy or taking responsibility for everything … entrusting to divine laws, trust them … but based primarily on the action … the realization of good on possibly further and more in-depth platforms, backgrounds, areas of life, matter. Because faith is first and foremost that you can, that you must … because ignorance, ambivalence, so-called randomness is a denial of our rights /any laws, a rejection of the fundamental laws of nature/god, a denial of the right to life, a denial of the causality of all processes and phenomena.

It is in our strength, faith that we can absolutely implement, and this is the strategy of a particular systematic development of solving all, really all problems and barriers, but not by the vanity of the economy and other developmental fun … Because of the infinite divine/natural/system hyper agglomeration potential combined with faith, mercy is the absolute initiating force, repetitively absolute inherent in us, and worked out (exploited/hosted) environment inside and beyond.

Yes, this is a new science, a new religion, i.e., a new hyperactive undertaking of all processes, 3d structures, taking the initiative in making our own corridors … using the halls of 4d efforts, i.e., the passages of life
New development strategy, new tools/engines of hyper industrial, evolutionary, cosmic, physical, biological revolution.

This is about racing in controlling the world, using new structures instead of attempting to stating/copying them.

To be continued towards supporting science, economics by neo creative redirecting a large part of their potential strategy.

Only decisive counterreactions are counted in further processes, existential tendencies for any new movement, transfer of changes of processes/structures. 4.c.

Further continuation of drafts of discovering/maintaining of the mechanism of processing on possibly less and less symptomatic(pre-neolithic) reaction, influence on processes, structures of the material, biological environment …

Any desire, counteracting, operating in an environment experienced by us, need this initiative “from nowhere.”

Every initiative, change in the 3d system(in which we live) comes from the external 4d system of our or another system. From its initiatives. That is a counteraction to the reactions of (our) environment(al) (3d)systems we live. We counteract because only our counterreactions are counted in further processes, existential tendencies, developmental environments, and in particular systems in this environment. And of course in particular of our system, of our initiative for any further movement, transfer of changes of processes/structures And through this distorting/evolving of systems, forces, additional tools/levers of systems of the environment of the 3d world we encountered. The world is temporary(by measure and feature/structure)- not as an absolute tool/measure, or an absolute/dogmatic (shamanic) scientific paradigm of current or subsequent processes of change structures.

And this is not a shamanic scientific approach to phenomena and our paradigmatic participation of 4d in moving mechanisms/established (but really neolithically / hyper evolutionarily temporary) 3d.

Infinite energy resources, real construction process like entering or rather leaving 4d initiative for further lever mechanisms, processes of existing space systems, lever systems of the 3d world .. such “out of nowhere” open perpetual motion of mobile technology, production, energy … Always less needy than he gets … paid for with its own initiative, unconditional but targeted, vectorized changes.
Unconditional, architectural contribution of the developed potential of a given system – including ours – for structural and process changes of the micro-macro space … this contribution and results of this contribution vectorize, leverage further hyper neolithic, hyper evolutionary processes of micro-macro cosmos. It depends on us, our system of civilization, what (how active input) participation it will take, and thus the position/strength/defense in this economy of an infinite number of connected vessels systems of the entire environment/cosmos.

It is said that to avoid war, win the war; one needs to be armed all the time … invest all the time in your position, in this case, hyper neolithic positions in the infinity of decks and the threatening environment of (evolution) processes … this is no longer a research
indefinitely, but immediate action, buffering, environment platforming for growth (without) conditional potential.
Contribution above the “legal” peripheral calculations but more according to the deservedness in developing new directions of hyper evolutionary tendencies, i.e., more developed own rights, i.e., direct legal position, or differently developed physical and biological law – non-passive law.

That’s how open, technological, and construction
Perpetuum mobile inspires structures, processes, and their legal … neo-scientific basis.

That is for the legal basis, properties of the environment, and space. The importance of purposefulness comes into play here. These initiatives generate further given vector participation in any processes, structures … this is copying purposes, modeling, calibration, generation, and thus massive
alive/systematically/primitive/stepwise / … viral..it is about purposefulness … and consequently consistency, percentage share, contribution in this process according to our technological, production, strategic, economic, civilizational … philosophical, religious, political, scientific. Because without awareness of this strategy, our actions will simply be ambivalent, nihilistic, denying the foundations of existence, development – … in the continued use of lever technology of “neo neolithic splintered stone” of/fo reproduction, retrieval, neo production/creation of structures/processes.

Developing this mechanism of copying/modeling at the process and structural level of the energy/processing/structuring perpetual mobile, accelerating, as a tool for any further manipulation, creation, neo creation, participation, joint responsibility, full responsibility for creating mechanisms of further existence and development … This is the proper dynamic absolute paradigm of the proposed development … mass production of one’s own world, practicing it, developing like a 4d structure of a corridor changing the face of the existing 3d world.

… Just such a production of tools … blocks (lego) in more in-depth, further structures, processes, for more efficient in restructuring, structuring processes, structures that interest us in copying on a higher form than nature … or building new parallel nature/world/background/genome.
Such a hot and cold “metallurgical fusion.”
Hyper atomic, hypercellular of elementary particles, to acquire new structures, processes … new energy, generation, regeneration, neo-generation … atomic, biological structures, processes.

The goal (and thus the strategy for building tools .. in the future) is … a generic change of background in advance as an absolutely creative, technological, economic, scientific paradigm strategy of existence, development of life and other structures, processes that interest us.
That is the creation of an environmental neo creation tool, with an absolute emphasis on devices, their production – the entire system, economics, science, religion, politics of neo-creation, and hyper evolutionary mechanisms.

It is a tool for reducing the costs of processing, creation, and neo-creation in the hyper evolutionary trend as the main thread of developmental trends 4d. Creating tools, the definition of tools as a method to increase energy efficiency, process construction, to an increasingly diminishing contribution in relation to the achieved, structurally, intentional, energetically intentive goal as a historical, physical, futuristic trend.
Funds, tools to take over, overgrowth of systems to a greater extent than input, and so in a further upward trend and so backward with ever better outgrowth, for taking over the environment, existing processes of structures, further increasing the efficiency of building tools for measures to take over, operate structures, processes, and energy more effectively. i.e., with lower input costs than achieved effects, process structures, energy.

To be continued to answer the question: How investing and how consuming we will be in our position of answering/responsibility, acting on destinies, creation of/for our living space, … of the future? =Are we enough involved responsibly/not passively in phenomena that we…involved? What involvement (scientific/economic) strategy/step(s) needs one to make our position less passive on any phenomena?