Dedication to all humanity. Definition of the mechanism of neo-creation of life and matter.

Dedication to all humanity. Basic definition of the mechanism of neo-creation of life and matter.

In creating each process, structure, we are also internal factors, generators, igniters, decision-makers of new life, and matter.

This is the basic definition of the active component of further physical and biological processing of all structures and phenomena.

More on the definition of creation/DAA in the next articles.

Signed. Pawel Kozycz.

Constructing of the DAAs matrix. 4.b.

There is no more three-dimensional DNA …. no more nature. Further (provocative, non-surrendering) working out step by step of the mechanism of production/operation control the direction of mass processing, construction of overlapping areas, space of “nature” systems (simply systems other than ours) including/primarily our system.

From then on, DAA is the basis … is the fourth-dimensional dynamic neo/description, neo/construction, hyper-genetic makeup of the hitherto three-dimensional description of biological, physical phenomena DNA / the structural background of these factors of the Mendeleev’s hyper matrix.

The so-called moral divine (power comes from God) building democratic / steering responsibility at the lowest possible level of elementary particles in controlling, scalar, and vector administration of any processes and structures.

Any non-matrix/DNA, DAA model additional reactions, initiatives are a divine/neo spark/ignition of any creation of the evolution of any physical-biological phenomena.

…. DNA, DNA of mass or mass
In one three-dimensional description and actions, it exists. Still, these are not the ultimate determinants/triggers… their values ​​… are not … DNA, nor … final mass/energy, this applies to all values, ratios, etc., the so-called DAA is a dynamic coefficient of “administering” processes with its construction of competences … economic, democratic/yes, politic!…so-called very dynamic civic democracy of any (two sides) cooperativeness with any phenomena/system, i.e., the size of mega / production (neo-creation) interference, precision, in possibly deeper and wider ranges, fans of this hyper “matrix” of the Mendeleev table of all known and unknown/or new made relations and structures/processes.

Any factor
economic, physical, … does not have to be of any importance in this hyper civic administration of further processes/structures – their current maintenance or change of state – from our side or another … these may be other factors, arguments, whims, ‘random’ events … DNA and DAA of the infinite matrix of natural/artificial administration of any process, ratio, a structure including mass, time, energy … variables of the DNA /background/DAAs matrix …

But the randomness of phenomena … does not occur … we can infinitely influence any changes .. by eliminating the effects of “random” effects…of course, by massive reconstructions of our behavior/(mega)production with any natural counterpart/system.

It is not the art of indicating the natural factorial differentiation of the artificial, so-called, extended Mendeleev’s matrix, but to find/work out the control mechanism, administrative influences, e.g., selective economics/(of)physics / for effective, massive, mega-productive, perspective, complete revaluation/neo construction of selected pools of this not DNA/ but DAA matrix.

Administrative, production, production decision-making directing, constructing, controlling factors to infinitely change the ratios in this hyper matrix of DNA / = DAA.
And it is supposed to be purely administrative (but with a full, under development package of competencies… economic and strategic support, some kind of support) but … independent! from economic and other natural and artificial relations …
It is the priority of decisions in giving vectoring and scaling selected phenomena, processes, and structures.

And it’s not a question of randomness, inventiveness, but … first at all DAA productivity of selective economics/physics to achieve the target structural, process levels.

Of course, cases but not cases … they can and will define ambivalence – it is also vectoring … giving pole position to other forces, vector systems more or less known to the matrix of known and unknown physical, chemical, biological … technological phenomena, productive, political … economic by vanity/fatalistic or selective/conciseness behaviors.
On the other hand, they can manifest themselves to the extent to which we will be more or less prepared in the development, co-creation of the hyper matrix DNA / DAA background of the hyper Mendeleev matrix / = DAA mega-production hyper evolutionarily.

The DAA matrix is ​​a direct dynamic multi-phenomenal structural, hyper-manipulative / mega-production supplement to the Mendeleev table’s chemical elemental DNA and other tables and ratios, structures, processes … including biological, … mass, light, … . time, gravitational field, etc.

To be continued to game and race of (neo)constructing/building DAA matrix accelerators on behalf of our “gravitationally” position pools.

From DNA to DAA… from evolution to administration and its creative economic competencies for supernatural physics/biology 4.a.

It would be possible to oppose the standard DNA in the general natural programming of natural processes/structures – in my view, DNA = natural dynamics of administration … processes of controlling, initiating the infrastructure of matter and life,
DAA or Artificial Dynamics of Administration … processes of control, initiating the infrastructure of matter and life … elementary particles, cells …

These and other suggestions are difficult due to the determination of searching, creating new solutions, difficult because of linguistic, descriptive – linguistic mishaps often creep in … – attempts to find a printed word for new thoughts …for example instead self- propelled race …of building boiler should be building better background, …other chances-not sixth – to cooperate with mutual benefits, mass -massiveness/quantity, etc…But in the next book from the previous and future posts, most used failed words will be corrected.

We are already talking here about the increasingly tight encirclement of processes that somehow are not easy to capture in flight due to their endless complexity, size, speed in relation to our technological expectations … not aimed at direct competition/cooperation/struggle with giant systems with beyond our civilization/= systems of nature/from beyond our direct influence…so far in broad spectrums of fields, dimensions.

We are talking about finding more and more precise and potentially more powerful tools that describe and at the same time define our competencies/opportunities / technological potential, mega-production, strategic, moral in co-shaping natural processes, in this case supernatural. No, no, this is not contempt for nature, for ecology, it is simply super ecology, active ecology, active gardening, active (not passive) evolutionism, neo-creationism, i.e., not pious wishfulness, but pious full responsibility for all processes that concern ours the environment and us, as well as the background of this environment, which is the micro macrocosm, the source of which is the need for a continuous system of administration…not anymore just on behalf economic matters, but on first at all on strictly administration will/responsibility and continuity of expanding tech potential.

This is how it defines the role/competencies of administration in the economic, technological, moral, democratic … process of supporting the civil development of the background … our nature inside and outside us. And it is needed and will be due to the gigantic increase and speed of this “old/natural” DNA process, as well as our contribution to the new DNA of evolution, which means DAA hyper evolution, just DAA.

So it is not only about economics but also about the administration of the DNA … DAA process, distinguishing responsibility and power in controlling processes that are no longer … natural.
There will be no separation between natural and natural processes. This split leads to ecological, developmental ambivalence, and a development disaster.

This indicates the moral and technological power over the continuous … development of control development systems, the expansion of infrastructures achieved by man and nature …
And this is what we call proper life, proper signs of development, not stagnation or recession, on the contrary … destruction itself … in the name of self-defeating self-confidence, self-satisfaction.

DAA is this godly genetic birth of the awareness of co-creation of the life and matter infrastructure on a scale, “unfortunately “only on a mass scale, on a divine scale, on an evolutionary, hyper-evolutionary, super-natural, neo-creative scale.

The birth/programming/control/automation/autonomous of infrastructures on a micro and macrocosmic scale is so far unknown. And only such a birth can we call birth. The birth we so expect, we have been waiting for. But our expectations must move towards developing the competencies of the DAA administration … of matter and life. ..
economics/production of neo-creation,
economics/production… of physics, biology…
selective economics / selective physics.

Our goal is not some goal, but the continuous and more and more direct development/administration of this DAA, i.e., artificial DNA of external and internal processes, structures of life and matter … we will be able to work out the conditions, foundations, and background for this “DNA” development.

Our goal is not some goal, but the continuous and more and more direct development/administration of this DAA, i.e., artificial DNA of external and internal processes, structures of life and matter … we will be able to work out the conditions, foundations, and background for this “DNA” development.

And for this, we need a further, systematic expansion of DAA’s competences … a kind of nationalized infrastructure, a hyper cell allowing, stimulating further development / economic boom at a supernatural, super ecological, super economical, super scientific level … needing a huge human apparatus for this locomotive hyperevolutionary, neocreational.
Of course, specific scientific, economic, entrepreneurial, and administrative centers on their own can make strategic efforts to initiate this DAA process, thus helping themselves … because it was only in this direction of organizational/technological development of the background (some time ago…motorways, war infrastructures for…economic recovery/boom) that the causes of further sources of recovery developed development, economic and scientific.

Simply less of alchemy and more competence, i.e., precision, productivity, responsiveness in engineering, administrative, economic and scientific activities in the reproduction of tools, drivers of re/neo/creation of new/better cells/elementary particles of life and matter.

To be continued for building role and competencies for DAA.

Merry Christmas!
Merry (no more expectation) but work for divine birth of liberator of life and matter of/by new DNA/=DAA in …us!

Dynamic physical, economic DNA of mass and other features.Let physicists and economists give each other opportunities and comfort. 3.c.

Economics and the physics of determining, producing / engineering “constant” properties of processes, structures … mass and other physical, chemical, biological, economic … barriers, phenomena, which are assumed to be “impenetrable.”

Further clearance, explanation, interpretation, elaboration, developing of the open interdisciplinary definition of neo creation … further mass or/but future massiveness, .. as ever deeper interventions in determining, controlling the fineness of the DNA components of mass and other physical values ​​…

A specific economic policy concerning efforts to define, and then to mass mega-production / automatic reconstruction of the background of the processes, phenomena, structures …
but the scientific policy is based on the seemingly closed boundaries of co(operative)-neo creation, co(operative)-hyper evolution. These boundaries lie in our minds … because of economic ignorance and vice versa – physics ignorance by economists), on the other hand, ignorance, or rather a generic inability, fear of the new … It is about will, economic power in developing mechanical particle physics, etc., and, conversely, economic views on these already (underneath economic complexes of development possibilities) assumptions of physicists …

And it is about systematicity, a specific mega-production autonomy in controlling the processes of nature’s structures, changing their values ​​in the direction we are interested in …
This is what the real development of civilization consists of the continuation of co- (operation)-evolution, co-creation.

Conscious determination of programming, control of structures for the further massive( also further engineering of …mass or rather “DNA” of the -particle corpuscle of- mass), continuous development of replicative, autonomous, variable reconstruction, neo-creation of the environment in us and beyond is an active, not passive participation in determining the DNA of development, evolution, hyper evolution = neo/creation of any processes and structures of matter and living inside and out.

The consequences of the definition of the neo creation of nature as its co-initiator, i.e., our non-passive participation in mass participation in its mass processes, are primarily the production control of any directions, speeds of development … “Mendeleev’s table matrix” …of known and unknown physical and biological processes as the only responsible step deciding about establishing one’s rights, including laws physical at a given level (systematic) of the developed production control of any processes and structures.

The magnitude/gigantic nature of our responsibility, our actions, determines some of our rights and obligations in this specific mathematics of the Mendeleev table of dependencies/classification of phenomena, processes, physical, biological, chemical structures …… and no one else will determine or add them to our interest … but only we. It takes a kind of martial emergency to change our mind/activity on the right track in this war of the worlds, or if someone wants otherwise, competition, through work, developing a position that is safer for us and our values on the real global, micro/macrocosmic scale.

We need bombs, a non-destructive neo-creation bomb. Such a reverse use of E = mc2 … a modified Emc2 … not a declining destructive blast but an incremental structural blast … a competing big bang. Profound, mass parallel, as if independent production activities, the production of one’s own parks, produces further direct components/tools… DNA, which at what level they will achieve states changing material properties, biological properties not yet encountered.
… actions/sparks of actions which, by definition, will accelerate, slow down, direct, reduce, increase, reproduce, neo product, modify any processes, structures of matter, and life to the degree of infinity at a geometric scale … of this “Manedeleev matrix”.

Such peculiar neo modeling, neo production, influencing nature from the inside, from scratch, building its own mass structures, influencing evolutionary processes, hyper-evolutionary on the micro-cosmic scale to the DNA inside and outside any processes and phenomena including … the phenomena of time … establishing links active in accelerating … modifying any phenomena and their mutual relations … creating new colors, new photons, new particles, DNA bricks of any structure it encounters along the way. Of course, all of this can be implemented immediately.

Let us not forget that we are an inherent part of this dynamic matrix. Our thoughts and actions as essential factors are also influential factors of the matrix…of economics, science and…an open mind.

We are this city supported by teams of robot cities like such super-structural, builder, neocreational DNA … we are this next DNA fragment … how lazy, submissive, destructive, creative … mega creative, neocreational, depends on us, our real responsible or not
responsible, creative decisions for natural processes, of which we are also inherent, not passive, but an active part, on equal rights and obligations of neo-creation / neo-evolutionary, as any other natural system (whether outside / or within us) more or less known!

We are to equal or surpass this neo-creative giant DNA factory matrix … this holy grail of matter and life.

(selective)economics/physics of neo creation … determining the directionality of managing nature’s crumbs for its further neo creation, hyper evolution
As foundations for controlling civilization and natural processes on a mass and full scale … further development of physics, economy …

Materiality (DNA controlling properties of structures, processes), massiveness, directionality as neocreational determinants.
Evidence in these factors as variables in shaping micro-macro cosmic processing.

… This is a kind of reproduction
through new children, self-developing robots to catch up with DNA in the hyperevolutionary race of matter and micro-life of the macro cosmos
As a mathematical geometric reproduction of systems, backgrounds according to our expectations and further creative and neocreational activities … of this new Mendeleev hyper table.

Not a direct energetic, mass but technological advantage … tools for redirection, neo creation (of this mass …) … more and more, larger, smaller crumbs of this and another background for the development of a given process, the structure of matter, and thus new foundations of life …
In taking over the structures of processes, overtaking, redirecting, conquering new territories, areas of space not as a state, national, but taking over with it a specific organizational and technological power, generic rule, decision-making over areas that interest us … we need hyperevolutionary armaments to master these areas of hyper evolution, seize layer by layer deep into the material and biological micro macrocosm .. a specific economic, mathematical, structural and process advantage in a particular export, import of massive benefits, very massive exchange of cooperation.

Construction of self-driven teams of robotic computers for hyper-evolutionary functions in the neo-creation race of matter and life.

A respectable proof of superiority, technological superiority … over light, receptors, transmitters …
Of course, as the fly itself will not knock down the sun or its genetic basis without knocking down the background of the bottom of this background through hyper expansion, autonomic transformations.

The prosthesis of physics, economics
Learning new technology like a person with a new prosthesis, replenishing hyperevolutionary defects, by first building a prosthesis … a unique DNA background to continue creating … further life, being more efficient than the existing nature … just leapfrog oneself or others fields … because we’re just that improving/evolution part of them …nature.

This technological, production market race … of viruses and other systems, and we separately or jointly compete in the struggle for the hyperevolutionary, creative heading, decision-making, active, non-passive position in determining DNA physical, biological parameters of the background of… light and life literally.

…Prejudice to the news of hyper computers, self-replicating supporting systems of robotic teams
The need for learning, training of this mechanism of a natural developmental, existential explosion for the chance of some cooperation, competition, race, hyperphysical, hyper biological.
One needs to create these automation teams even as games, fun.
New economic and technological hyperevolutionary investments
There is always a risk like the first airplanes, rockets, computers, mobile telephones, etc… Still, we have no choice in this war of systems, worlds … or cooperation, finding a common language but only at the level of hyperevolutionary enterprises…cities of teams of robots and there between cities … telecommunications as an embryo of an artificial explosion, artificial background, the artificial bottom of matter and life, i.e., programming, framing directions of development, matter evolution, life according to the technology of self-replicating robotic teams … A huge call and opportunity for telecommunications expressive multimedia development for these cities and vice versa … for the mega-production, mega-economic service of this hyper evolution of neo-creation.

To be continued on further explain to oneself and others the model/definition of the mechanism of construction technology, development of automation teams, their evolution over technologies, development courage and their risks, pros, and cons…

Neo/definition/production of neo generation/creation of nature. 3.b.

Engaging in generic (accelerator of constructing, building giant telecommunication/production autonomous systems) structural processes of hyper evolution, neo creation of the micro macrocosm of matter … of life.

Nature, the systems of nature and us including as a sacrifice, point, the material needed, a crumb in the process, structure of its changes or
as a very active participant in this hyper evolution/neo creation / … hyper ecology of manipulation, very massive material, biological engineering …
as a very active DNA module in controlling natural processes. In the transmission system’s active determination, coding/programming systems to further micro-neo constructs the macro cosmos of nature.

Conscious determination of programming, control of constructs for the further, massive, continuous development of replicative, autonomous, variable reconstruction, neo-creation of the environment in us and beyond is an active, not passive participation in determining the DNA of development, evolution, hyper-evolution = neo/creation of any processes and structures of matter and living in and out.

Our thoughts, dreams, science, religion, economics must break through the barrier of pious wishes and disabilities, hyperevolutionary and technological incapacitation, mental collapse in generating the development of the foundations of matter and life.
So far, to sum up, we are losing with nature a walkover, i.e., not even trying to actively participate in its hyper-generic evolutionism – although we can rather call it hyper-technological / economic support for systems of autonomous/automatic creationism.
Such a specific collective generic hyper/evolutionary, neocreational dysfunction.
We can correct this dissection by selective physics, economics … science, education, politics, religion, ecology … of creation … civilization of the neo-natural generation process control system.

Mechanics, or rather mega-production engineering, to work out, systematically generate the mechanisms of process and structural changes in the environment, so that we would have greater chances of existence and development … that is, not surrendering to this environment, and at the same time not destroying this partner, often in a hyper evolutionary cosmic exercise matter and life.
A material-energy strategy for the production of components of energetic material structures … but not in the classical sense – biological, vital … quantum … Genetic hyper evolution … technology …
as you think, as you draw, you already do … and even earlier than your imagination

Such a self-propelled race to play with material and energy engineering, neo-structural neo-creative remotely controlled self-developing … production teams increasing reproductive potential, neo-evolution, neo-creative in establishing, building a better background, platform for existence and development.

Neo-generic approach to shaping processes, structures, redefines, neodefines any concepts from areas that seem obvious to us, such as the definition of mass/energy, etc.
Not primitive determination of boundaries, amounts, barriers of matter … energy … but neocreative, neodiscovering view, perception of relativistic not passive, active, creative creating own values ​​from a specific Mendeleev table of neocreational DNA shaping / completing processes, structures, e.g., mass/energy / “time” = process engineering …
creating conditions for each right to participate in the neocreational Big bang of birthing, life replication, matter, structures mutually elevating, guiding values, amounts, goals, rights some rights but not just laws of for nature structures, material … structure creations, neo creation, participation. “liberation” of the internal (technologically static perceptual scholastic) process structures of the mass of energy
Outer, inner structures of processes naturally discovered, artificially invented, hyperevolutionary production

Time to replace the nature platform with a more civilized view of the DNA platform for creating processes of structures with our, without our participation … technological, economic, ecological, civilization costs of our participation or non-participation in this hypernatural exchange, also for the benefit of this nature. .. including us.
This is physics, the selective economics of mass production transformation based on natural phenomena, processes, and structures.

studies, research, attempts to create
As a science … to give birth to your own cosmos … on others as other systems do … but as far as giving each other chance to cooperate for mutual benefits – I emphasize mutual … and not the classic “ecological” equation literally to the level soil.
The whole – economy/economy science turned over to this cosmic race, creation … science .. Turning upside down the directions of development of economics, science … models, rules and patterns.

It is about replacing the economy of the economy (hyper evolutionarily static or even stagnant, backward)
Teachings to this reversed approach, i.e., the neo creation of matter, and further new foundations, … industrial parks, mass parks for super-fast, ever faster processing of a given environment … at the same time protecting them, automatic, the mass creative potential for further … increasing this potential with appropriate economic and scientific control …

There is no specific universal formula, but it is about locking one’s own initiative into a generic mass-process-creating natural phenomenon.
My further searches, arguments, factors, helpful mutual search for hints for a more effective race and more effective responsibility, maturity in creation …
just like that … further learning of creation and not submission to natural hyperevolutionary,

it’s just a continual deepening of the same subject … as scientists do in their fields
… the subject, as the knowledge of molecular physics, organic chemistry, robotics, economics is constantly deepened …

for uncompromising clearing the road
From primitive barely missing civilization to the giant of total reconstruction of nature on a hyper cosmic scale … and this is the meaning of this activity, purposefulness, factoriality, the directionality of defining and re / neo defining all processes and structures of physics … because only by an attack, Intentional intervention, of course, on a total, responsible scale, we have a voice, a chance to exist, coexist, live individually and generally in more and more controlled zones.
Not half-measures but total hyperevolutionary activities
make sense
Simply a new branch or hyper-conscious science dealing with the hyperevolutionary employment of all processes, economic, scientific, e.g.
Collecting issues on this subject, and not participating in a material race .. not palliative, not only by the way .. but a constant strategy … breaking out of the genome of surrender at a given level of relations with nature, relations with evolution, hyper/evolutionary relations.

Towards breaking the monopoly on the inevitability of any natural models and processes that have been discovered, undiscovered, and produced.
We also define the vectors of change together with other factors, subjects of nature. The question of how much / how massively we are involved in this wrestling in the vectoring of the further course of physical hyper evolution, biological processes, where massiveness and precision of operation play a key role … that is, the development of economics, active physics … in the production of it transforms deeper, farther, faster, and more massively all known and unknown processes, produced by changing the absolute status quo of the present findings and the state of affairs.

To be continued of/to the consequences of the neo-definition of the foundations of nature’s neogeneration and their cooperation.

Technology and economics of breaking/and…neo/producing matrix of DNA of the universe. 3.a.

Breaking the hyper/evolutionary/natural DNA code, developing our own DNA model of mass shaping / influencing the importance of factors, processes, and structures of matter and life … extending / engineering the mathematical/physical matrix of the DNA of the matter and life of cosmos.
The building, co-constructing – and as always in nature based on other … crumbs of other worlds / other genomes, for further evolution/creation, in this case, the hype of revolution/hyper ecology, the hyper genome of nature / its systems. It is creating {literally tinder the further process and continuity of oneself and its surroundings from matter and life – Tinder was the first contribution / tool of man to the DNA of nature – its nature} DNA of construction, development of the entire neocreation creation, exactly the whole reality of the whole micro macro cosmos and its DNA, and thus further acceleration / redirection of this process .. (depending on the size of our contribution / work / investment – our future depends on our diligence and not only our wishfulness) .- accelerating / expanding the cosmos – deeper neocreational a hyper evolutionary explanation of this DNA, not only the physically static / simplified advantage and the magnitude of the participation of the forces of factors in this hyper physical / hyper biological process – i.e. beyond the static model programmed, developed programs, environments, genome DNA backgrounds of this process of transition from the divine / human spark plans and other shareholders of me or more famous in this economic marketing of all physical, biological, material, … life phenomena, including … one that will pull up, perceptions, dreams, and then plans and appropriate genetic / mass scale of operation beyond the limits known to us.
The genome of “mass production” determines the value or real lack of seemingly obvious physical and biological factors. Not a static primitivization of model patterns, but a very dynamic one defining a further and deeper genetic background in the description and creation of the reconstruction of phenomena. This peculiar mass technology of the background, i.e., dynamically mutating DNA, is to be the bargaining chip literally (mathematical DNAmatrix) and the transfer of hyper-evolutionary marketing … for the deliberate use/creation of productivity differences and its potential built, programmed, controlled … this openness, technological, perceptual intensity hypernatural – beyond our new systems, the strength of the interest of the systems of matter more or less known to us, more or less opposite in us literally and beyond (micro / macro cosmos)The thin line between an attempt to model the shaping of environmental processes on one’s own and a consumptive/intrusive (but inertial) approach to the processes set. Investments and consumption – as long as we are interested in a more efficient, more peaceful coexistence with the world, we want to be, develop, and against phenomena (natural and our own) negative and dangerous. Very massive technological, environmental autonomously self-driving investments in this DNA .. the mega-production of the garden of Eden is to be an effective response to the waiting, wishful, surrendering attitudes by pushing the responsibility for the fate of one’s matter/life into gods or the blind fate of nature’s systems, where each system fights, works on its own, but taking responsibility for the fate of the hyper/evolution of matter and the life of the micro-macro cosmos, which would mean an increase in maturity and respect for nature, which is not a component of idiotic systems, which should be countered on an increasingly deeper technological, mega-production level / = hyper evolutionary. .., for the survival of oneself and others at the level of simply higher DNA … always according to profit / economic direction (more interesting for us … is also consumerism, but the developed, not the expected level of efficiency and effectiveness of own products … DNA background…DNA is nothing else is Mass technology of transforming the background, frames of a given environment, phenomena, processes, structures … of life and matter … More about productive DNA sequencing of the cosmos of matter and life later … in line quite a long (many weeks) list of comments, proposals, and suggestions waiting for your posts. We are talking about artificial / (mega) produced, discovered other values ​​/ coefficients of neo / creative, hyper/evolutionary matrices, where some artificial or natural factors may go to the background and the second to the fore … where, e.g., classic energy, gravity, mass, time/shifting (never static!) boundary between reference and form factor of physical/biological structures.
It is the economics of competition physics with a constantly generated natural background / also own-artificial – hyperevolutionary approach to natural phenomena. Total economic / mega-production competition with a partner, a competitor of natural / hyperevolutionary structures … For this development direction, a new market is a space for the economic development of a new basis for science: religion … hyperevolutionary, and mega-production.
Why is it still the same topic …It is like any other scientific field to explore the subject of the physics of selective economics as the basis for building the structure of the processes of winning hyperevolutionary competition … with the nature of, among others, astrophysical, chemical, biological processes, and phenomena. And I think this subject of the hyper-revolutionary micro-macro cosmos of matter and life is based on the further (literally) existence of our civilization and each of us separately.
It is a department dealing with the debunking of quotas, barriers, laws, seemingly inviolable in the process of co-creation, competing with processes, natural structures in us and beyond, micro-cosmic in geometric scales of development accelerations mega / production, neo/creation, penetrating all systems and relations … their no longer mechanics, etc., but generic engineering of the matrix of total generating factors that interest us.
There will no longer be adoration of the caste of existing laws and rules, art for art, and decisive actions beyond barriers are needed … beyond medieval, alchemical games with a zero or negative result. Above systemic, beyond the quotation of some profane unchanging laws, which can only be a non-existent fraction of a temporary perception of a given / temporary environment of us more or less experienced … disappearing … at speed…
We do not have to base our existence, production, science on the perception of this environment, on this (vanishing) environment in general! Exceeding quotas, rights of a given environment is really scientific … discovering or perception expansion of quota and legal spheres … but whether conscious and what a strategy, faith and directions in general of real development, real expansion … no longer classic matter and life, but your own genetic basis for existence and development.
Quotation or multifactorial matrix of barriers … Crossing discovering working out additional factors, artificial background factors for exceeding quota, classical factoriality … Purposefulness of producing, working out this hyper selective physics of economics …
Generic lifting (drivers, tools) background hyper evolution / mega-production of the environment … environmental reclamation – not triplets, not scientific nomadism, but … the production of the environment possibly more … trained/tamed. Awareness of a common strategy … specific socialism, armaments increasing the level of technological expansion and further scientific, economic … Anyway, selective economics is to facilitate the expansion of the horizons of hyperevolutionary development, technological, productive and new areas of growth boom, in competition with seemingly constant natural amounts.
To be continued with the economics [cosmic] branch of DNA of hyper evolution of no longer matter and life in classic descriptions/imperfection… tele / communication/portation of new models / DNAs for new standards of (the science of) matter and life…

Economic/technological hyper-evolutionary war for new (against old/contemporary) foundations/models of matter / life. 2.c.

Is this a war against nature, god, science? Is it a reversal of modern models/rules? The answer is obvious. Because it is an exit neo creation for exceeding the (micro/macro)cosmic speed limits of a given level/DNA of hyper-evolutionary matter/life… towards the massiveness of 7G-controlled natural and artificial systems … really tele/communication/trans/portation/ neo processing of artificial and natural structures.
To conduct such a war effectively, one must first of all to realize the importance of neo/creation perceptual relativity of a given borderline level of natural and technological/=artificially produced .. the level of technological, economic processing/natural and artificial structures.Neo creativity in the environment of nature.Very massive and deep transformations, even involuntarily aimed at additional perceptions, and thus further strategies and reconstructive, neo-constructive and neo process activities, maneuvering of nature allowing for its co-creation, initiation of artificial, hyperevolutionary processes that are interesting for us, changing and refuting the current perceptual-manual status quo evolutionary, productive, economic … So economics, selective physics, technologically crushing the existing economic and physical systems … By the way, these systems may earlier- using this thesis determine their further evolution/hyper evolution… – more powerful than the specific total neocreational speed of a given Bigbang DNA/speed of light as the borderline, as such, Bigbang bubbles/borders DNA factors that we know or not yet. …Aiming at a performance that is more powerful, crushing all systems, or neutralizing them in achieving goals other relations, systems, values ​​as if going beyond the known physical, chemical, biological barriers, reducing their importance to … zero or neutral one. It is not mc2 x D or d x mc2 but rather just d as the only determinant of utility or practical. or the lack(lack of faith, of sense, of goals… to be stronger…than nature) of it concerning other (“natural”) systems, the lack of usefulness in achieving micro-macro-space goals … as today, to a large extent, the weight of the car and fuel become the smallest factor influencing the determination of features, economic and technological potential … , hypernatural, hyper til today’s standard factors, that in the future will nil worth of the old natural factors potential …There is also the war means hyper investment economy hyper evolutionary investment as a basic element of self-distinguishing in nature, of self-expression, existence, simply the emanation of existence, its life more than vegetation and stagnate, and dependence on other systems, whose emanation shall absorb our attitudes to development as the only attitude of maintaining, protecting us in a living organism, a complex of systems, counter/versusparties, and possibly allies of our hyperevolutionary DNA of matter and life.
There is no life without change. To continue it in a constantly and totally changing/competitive environment, life must constantly undergo profound changes. The deeper, more intense (hyper active…sustain very active) interference in the nature of our surroundings, the greater the chances for the continuation of our life … its protection, development, and … its prolongation indefinitely.
We need a more and more speedy combine factory -a substitute for the big bang point, a substitute for life, i.e., the forwarding of duplicating functions that are more and more compatible with a competitive environment … which is a cage, or rather a set of frames/bobbles of hyperevolutionary physical, biological … economical.
Yes, a factory, i.e., a team / hyper-technological complex / mega-production complex, needs a permanent, selective institution – selective economics and physics.That is, open over time, permanent spatial activities, investment hyperevolutionary…
Is it pure anti-ecological creative vanity (contradiction)? Yes and no – pseudo-ecological anti-terrorism, and at the same time a profound commitment … in total, so total shifting of nature – full hyper-economic/hyper-evolutionary responsibility for costs, investments, consumption for and against and so on in shaping the future of nature, and more precisely natural systems (i.e., where we have not had a sufficient influence so far) more or less contradictory, more or less compatible.
Mega-production mass approach to (co) shaping natural processes … Not passivity, not ambivalence, not ignorance, but maximally massive, geometric intervention in natural processes, but not vanity ignoring factors influencing the shaping of the background/DNA of the matter/life environment – of course not succumbing to these factors, but treating them appropriately economically/technologically as a partner or counter-partner in this trade/mega-production … because only such mega-exchange (has the right to occur) occurs in nature’s systems … often limited but never absolutely, physical, biological, macro/microcosmic barriers/bobbles.
Conquer nature. Yes. So nature and its mechanisms and rules can be co-created and changed. Let us not give up so-called by a chance of fate or blind forces of nature. Everything can be overcome and changed. For this, one needs a willingness, patience, and work to shape the fate/processes of nature, first of all, a sense of active (real economic/technological/physical/biological) responsibility with the fate/processes/structures of this nature thus our/one’s fate.
Just like steel mills in its time, steelmaking has become literally and portable platform that lifted perspectives, foundations of development … of automotive, cosmonautics, science endlessly, so replicating production systems of self-replicating, self-improving according to the software(supported powerfully by telecommunication) of the systems of building the production of subsequent ships, space factories towards the macro and micro cosmos of matter and life, it is re/neo generation.It is about reevaluating the purposefulness of life, an evolutionary, hyper-evolutionary position, building a hyper-hyperevolutionary position, and, at the same time, an attitude, the basis for the sense of direction in science, economics, and civilisation activities.
There will be no more praying to the tree … to specifying scholastic rules, principles of nature’s functioning.
Lack of hyper-evolutionary steering wheel, lack of one’s own hyper-evolutionary backbone (this is not about some luxury of being the lord of nature, being a god) but as elementary tools for maintaining the processes of our own [DNA of]organism/environment, for which no one else but we are 100% responsible … to co-direct the processes, creations of the environment of our life, the matter of our life -so no more lack of driving force … no ambivalence as inability or arrogance.
Because so far they are not and have not been activities, as activities of a man strictly mega-complex, mega-productive, selective economic, physical, hyper-evolutionary development, co-creation, but only ad hoc of rescue and economic hyperevolutionary mediocrity/sustainability of vegetation/hyperevolutionary depravation.

The new hyper evolutionary idea gives new directions of inspiration for science, economy, religion … or …rather redirects them.
Do I mean treating nature ruthlessly? Rather, the point here is to distinguish between mutual pity and earned pity and not empty pity.The right to active choice, the right to choose to control one’s environment and life, giving other perspectives of thinking – not vanity, not criminal – and not responsible behavior. It is about giving faith, the strength of faith, strategy, the basis for expansion, big-bang technology of our actions … total, because only such give a chance in a totally neo-created physical, biological, viral environment. In this way, we can/have more chances for creating a more friendly environment without unnecessary cruelties for our and other lives.
Yes, it is religion and the science of war (more on this topic later) – defense, opposition, defense preparations for improving one’s genetic material and life status quo.Religion/science in action in co-creation, in goodness responsibility of action for entire universe further existence and development, direction without any obstacles and doubt.It is about action to just encourage for decisions of/for taking responsibility in practice for further hyper/evolution, for just life..
… This further defines the perspectives of economic and technological perception of the time, energy carriers … variable initiated by the relative light static carrier ( til now-or futuristically- quite primitive) factor … to variable … technological, economic …Creation realization faster than dreams … To be continued for going out from (current and future technologic participations and perceptions) bobbles of matter and life barriers.

The blue tree. Hyper evolutionary investments as the foundation of any action…in science, economy,… matter thus life… 2.b.

Hyper-evolutionary / neocreational investments, which are to be the basis of civilization, economic, scientific … religious development
That is an investment of shared responsibility in all-natural (anyway any natural process/structure is massive in action and effects) mass processes, structures.

Further continuation analytical considerations, searching and repeatedly studying each word and phrase, each step concerning (hyper) physics, (hyper) economics of grasping/controlling phenomena, processes of hyper-evolutionary neocreational engineering
as a denial of the vanity of today’s economics and physics
in the topic of hyper evolutionary re/neo/mega/production re/neo generation of nature. Science/scholastic position as a generally ignorant attitude in defining one’s position/responsibility in environmental processes more or less total.
Vanity means ambivalent attitude to or passive submissive or fatalistic “invisible hand” theory to competitive, graduate, level, level attitude to mechanisms of (obviously natural) physical, biological processes, including light features engineering.

Not classic energy, mass, etc., but from a different perspective
, the level of creating/thus perceiving! mass micro-macro processes, i.e., in a hyperevolutionary/ hyper Darwinism, hyper Newtonian, hyper Einsteinian, hyper-scholastic approach, further space/dimension, topics of activities in the observation and control of phenomena, co-generation, neo-generation, and not only in the discovery of a static (so far achieved)vision of structures.
Seemingly not very noticeable at present new structures/goals, not achievable, but in the systematic and purposeful, … faith …
… Converging into new actions and new in/sights and so alternately spirally hyperevolutionary.

The (r)evolution proposal is “just” about heading for … multiple more powerful processes/mega-production/ neo creations than black holes.
Nature re-processing in an ever shorter mega-production time
A sure and absolute potential here and now without fatalistic attitudes and paradoxes of the natural mediocrity of a given level of perception and productive potential position and mind.

Yes, just getting faster and further faster and more powerful than the big bang (there are already experiments that copy the big bang)
Trillionfold achieved in an ever shorter hyper short time.
The technology of creating and accelerating the artificial big bang, parallel cosmos, bypass (new/artificial DNA / evolution hyper engineering of the background of matter and life) of matter and life, evolution,… The theory of hyper evolution .. Hyper creative

We are talking about a technological, economic big bang.
Hyper mass hyper energy defining further DNA with physical, biological values, features, properties, and directions including velocity, size, ratios at any achieved levels, time( present achieved level of measurement and engineering processes/structures where we are), and other unnoticed/un(hyper)technological and physical features so far (un)produced.

Yes, it is about economics, economic strategy, a technological strategy of creating new Bigbang DNA of total Perpetuum mobile, and entering/creating new potentials.
For this, you need faith, courage, and a sense of the full responsibility of the spirit and the creator … true love, the strength of the love of creation, that is, life for us, our loved ones, and our cosmos. Love and goodness are supported always and only by responsibilities by not passive action by not any excuse and exception!

So no more anarchic evolutionary/creationary scholastic vanity technology and vanity teaching.
We can do monumental deals. Our and feature generation deserve for very bold responsibility and very bold action. ..For our material and biological DNA for everlasting life and any other interesting us processes now and in future …if we do not surrender in our mind(religion(faith)/science)
Wings of the responsible faith to new science, economy … Not the burden of vanity passivity but…
Yes, we are the core of the new Bigbang, technologic economic Bigbang, that has to be stronger than our environment (e.g., viruses) competition (very often very deadly)counterparts …

A new civilization call – where the virus, asteroids, volcanos remind us not to surrender to nature passively-
The burden of responsibility, and the gigantic power of a new(artificial big bang of automation of a new creation of new world creation, a new level of life and matter.
We shall take or have the courage to believe responsibility for co-creation, generating the foundations of existence, nature, and creation of nature. These decisions are the basic component of life and nature creation factors, durability, and development on the developed levels of quality, quantity, etc.

Where the gigantism of processes is the absolute minimum in defining and directing phenomena concerning us and outside … in every cell, atom, quantum …

First of all, we are interested in a technological/economic approach to the power of self-replicating structures and environmental change processes.

  • (artificial) multiplication of environmental generators To generate the means of a tool for its manipulation from our level, already higher structurally, to re/creational, reactivation, neo-creation of known and unknown phenomena, features, environments …

This is technology, the big bang economy.

Economics of transforming environmental relations, i.e., generating physics for transforming environmental generation. The physics of generating neo-creation takes over the evolutionary initiative, hyper-evolutionary environment of the physical, astrophysical, nano-physical, biological to an infinite, permanent degree.

Yes, we will not stay with/by the green tree. It will be the new blue tree in this genealogy(an old/or new DNA) tree.

So it is not about hyper evolutionary science vanity but the Science of hyper evolutionary race, learning/generating new trees, new stars, new foundations, backgrounds of life, and matter (energy).

This is the religion of total neo-creationism, a total evolutionary race in a non-passive position. It is a new religion, a science that imposes new trends, trends in the hyper-civilization development of new scales and levels, and not praying to the green tree, but being a partner, competitor, co-creator any changes. It is the reverse of Shamanism/today’s status quo of development/vegetation, reverse science, economics, a religion/belief where we not allowed/can’t dictate that this tree will be blue … maybe gold or otherwise.

It is about a new strategy, meaning, actions, … new tasks for schools, universities, churches, enterprises … it is about a new expedition … to a really golden fleece of hyper evolution, neo creation … express or faster (never slower- it is a matter of survival and development equal to or faster than the processes of micro-macro cosmos) building an artificial parallel cosmos, the big bang of our bypass … As if over a spatial, over-time mission, a controlled, programmed, self-replicating aid team(of replicating/developing robots (micro/macro)towns for a better life and matter (border)processes(time) and power…

To be continued to further develop into the technological, economical construction of this artificial neocreational hyper-evolutionism of matter and(thus) life.

Marketing/directing of natures hyper evolution. 2.a.

The war/marketing for/against hyper evolutionary environment i.e., for more awareness-efficient strategy/playing chess with nature, i.e. (hyper evolutionary selective)science of total production and innovative race – that can never exist separately…no more shamanic excuses for nature but taking very active/heading responsible part in it without any excuse…this the real-life for life and not surrendering/self-sacrificing decomposition/suicide mind/religion thus (shamanic)science. 2.a.

Economics, physics of the neo creation of matter and life, i.e., economics, physics of hyper evolution – further extending the branch of intervention program into the processes of the so-called natural environment of the micro-macro cosmos, i.e., engineering / mega-production of a new big bang, of a new (hyper)evolution of matter and (thus)life.

The subject of the direction of interest in the defense and development of our position in a given field requires further work, studies, inventions, searched just like every field of human activity, for example, the physics of quantum mechanics, … although the intentions would be more derivative of quantum engineering, molecular DNA engineering for background or background engineering for this DNA on an ever deeper level/directions that interests us physically and biologically.
This is how we move around the same subject/branch(performing new branches as well), but in the ever deeper area of ​​penetration, interference, creation, neo creation, and the production of our own bottom background of life and matter to an extent consciously, systematic, mechanical, mass, automated … as in supporting the classical mind with the electronic mind playing chess games that this electronic computer booster will already exceed this natural electric flow between neurons more than many times … this new efficiency of the flow of … light.

This is what we are talking about here about nature in a non-passive approach, i.e., about physics, neo-creation biology intensively assisted by exchange/selective economics focused on a complete change of the bottom-creating background, e.g., our life, the speed of light (mass
processing, mega-production – neo creation to create a newer background of “the” photon)

We are talking here about the mass development, production of plasticity and optics … perceptiveness of phenomena, structures of
a given level of perception and matter/energy carriers as the basis for further interventions and further observations, and so mutually evolutionary, hyper evolutionary
of this mass on the basis of the current observational capabilities / technological imaginations, which are currently at the level of quantum alchemy of physics and the futuristically primitive emc2 … defining the absolute static patterns of creation processes … and which is to be the embodiment of new phenomena of processes in geometric and faster … it is about mastering this process of hyper transformation, the hyper evolution of the unimaginable potential and the power of this process and the possibility of more active keeping pace, or the overcoming in us interesting areas of development and production and purposefulness … which again affects the speed of this process and the way we think in this ruthless pursuit of the hyper-evolutionary micro-macro cosmos of matter and life, the creation, supporting the development of the background of the processes of our matter and life, our environment, which often directly and indirectly determines the parameters, barriers of existence … and where we can and have the right and duty not to neglect and think lazy or fatalistic .. old religion
In this economy, technology, the production of a new background of matter and life, physics, the biology of hyper evolutionary effective, mass-scale neo-creation … because this is the only scale that counts in the pursuit of hyper-evolutionary matter and life. It is about the science of religion, where we are to play an active, personal, and not impersonal role in further processes and structures of matter and life, more directly related to us individually and in terms of civilization, the environment of our life and its background, its technological and economic foundations, religious, technological expressing their usefulness and direction, as well as a sense of need for a non-frustrating, positive view of nature that is more co-responsible in a truly total sense of the word.

Of course, it is about performance that surpasses competing natural systems … that is, external in terms of interests, tendencies … it is about rejecting the existing status quo, about
performance more powerful, crushing all systems along the way, or neutralizing them in achieving goals
Other relations, systems, values ​​like those that go beyond the canons, for example, mass, energy, etc., reducing their importance to … zero
It is not mc2 x D – where D is to be an addition. Still, conversely, D is to be our determining factor, but the rest is “just” an addition … D x mc2 as a utility determinant or … space … just like today, the weight of the car and fuel would be and are the smallest factors influencing the determination of the features, potential … price, value, the utility of this car.

Then we will slowly embrace this new branch of physics and economics with the background of the artificial DNA hyper evolution / big bang of matter and life.

To be continued the new chapters of chess with nature.

Towards the systematic, ruthless mechanism of breaking the monopoly in the pursuit of hyper evolutionary processing of matter and life. 1.c.

Further studies towards the systematic, ruthless mechanism of breaking the monopoly in the pursuit of hyper evolutionary processing of matter and life processes and micro-macro-cosmic structures …

disenchantment the inevitability of any natural models and processes found, discovered, undiscovered, and produced
We also define the vectors of change with other factors, entities of nature – whether we want it or not – The question of how much we will engage, we will work, we will produce ourselves in determining technological/economic/physical processes (literally and figuratively) on the deepest and mass levels possible – in this struggle in vectoring the further course of physical hyper evolution, biological processes, where massiveness and precision of action play a key role…
That is the development of economics, active physics … in manufacturing, developing the technological basis of mega-productive phenomena that can more and more direct artificially transform more and more deeply, further, faster, more massively all known and unknown processes, produced, changing the absolute status quo of the present findings and the state of a given thing according to specific directions. … and here is the essence of my further deliberations, describing the areas of human activity, which would concentrate specific components, complexes needed in active participation in the race of our civilization, each separately and together in the race-related to improving one’s position on ever deeper interventions, mass investments, permanent ones with a geometrical pace of growth on the plane of the DNA of life and DNA of matter on the micro and macrocosmic level on a scale that accommodates all the parameters and models known so far … in perspective beyond the scale of the big bang …. Isn’t it real? But of course, as real as any non-natural human endeavors from landing on the moon in the past to landing … in a black hole and its transformation in any direction …in the future.

Later in the introduction, I describe the general assumptions of the mechanism of neo creation, that is … the total breaking of the existing physical and economic systems of matter and life. The assumptions of developing one’s own development path are often and increasingly against the current tendency and assumptions that are largely ambivalent hyper evolutionarily.

We have predispositions and, above all, rights, and maybe even a duty than failure to create a better nature
… to the fact that not us, but whole areas of the America of space conquered, which may be a small point for us, not the other way around
but our ambivalent or at best ecological passive behavior, mentality, attitude make even our current point position in the micro-macro cosmos unworthy, incapable of any safer existence, let alone any significant development…let us see the current economical and scientific position against just DNA of viruses and …DNA of death…DNA of light…DNA of deeper sources of so to say matter/energy but in deeper, more complex convergation, etc.

The increase in this awareness of hyperevolutionary / neo-creative responsibility … reduces self-destructive, stagnant, criminal, war, pseudo-civilization states … and vice versa, this new thought, technology, the economy of technological neo creation of matter and life (sometimes entirely in other models) gives a chance to look from a different perspective, increasing the sense of responsiveness … and thus an existential and developmental opportunity.
And then the directional strategy, greater effectiveness of technology development in conjunction with hyperevolutionary development, generic competition against other process structures
which further increases our awareness, influence, and responsibility to an indefinite degree.

Scientific..ocultism and alchemy, that is, passive interpretation of phenomena combined with economics that is independent and practically passive from these phenomena, is indirect interference, interpreting in the processes of creation, neo creation, evolution, hyper evolution phenomena such as generic environmental viral transformations and others.
Neo-creationism is a non-passive response, looking at the process of phenomena, physical, biological … economic structures in the evolutionary process, hyper evolution of any micro-macro cosmic processes on a mass scale.

Further introduction of the neo creationism strategy will show the needs and path/motorways of/for further new technology, economy, the science of totally positioning our in the micro macro cosmic race for matter and life literally.

To be continued by developing the issue of neo creating/producing of background/DNA of matter and life.